Event communication manager

The person in charge of event communication (or "event") is a real conductor. He organizes the company's external events (thematic conferences and seminars for clients, private public relations evenings, stands at trade fairs, etc.) as well as internal ones (integration seminar, management seminar, managerial meeting, New Year's Eve evening , etc). Its budget being imposed, its role consists in finding the best quality-price ratios of the market to renew the content of the events, to be innovative, creative while remaining coherent in the service of the company's communication.

Concretely for each event, the event communication manager is responsible for managing the entire organization and logistics:

  • Definition of objectives and audience
  • Finding the place and providers (reception capacity, accessibility, organization of spaces and flow management, prices and negotiation, etc.)
  • Management of relations with service providers (event communication agency, caterer, sound system, hosts / hostesses for reception, security, parking) and coordination of internal teams
  • Creation of communication tools (invitation, brochures, stands, kakemonos, goodies, signage)
  • Participation in the production of the content of the event (speeches, videos, round tables, etc.)
  • Development of the guest list on the basis of their contact file, distribution of a “Save the date” then of the invitation
    Follow-up of registrations manually or via a dedicated online tool (configuration, data analysis, reminders by email or telephone)
  • General coordination of the event on D-Day
  • Drafting of the qualitative and quantitative report of the event

He will be able to be rigorous and methodological in order to limit unforeseen events. However, its ability to find solutions quickly will often be tested.


  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team player and ability to work in project mode
  • Versatility, proactivity, dynamism, rigor, creativity, spirit of synthesis
  • Mastery of office tools
  • Good stress management


  • Diploma: Bac + 5 specialized in Communication.


  • Beginner: € 2 net monthly.
  • Confirmed: € 2 net monthly.
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