Psycho: when was the influencer born?

The concept of influencer seems recent to us, appeared with the advent of social networks. However, it was in 1940 (yes yes!) That Paul Lazarsfeld was the first to address this concept in The People's choice.

In the middle of the presidential campaign in the USA, he went to the " discovery of people By following a group of 600 voters in Erie County, Ohio. During this investigation, he demonstrates that voting is not only an individual choice but that there are variables linked to… the individual's social network. We discover that friendly networks and family circles are globally homogeneous in their political choices.

For the first time, the opinion leaders in a theory ofinfluence interpersonal. Their characteristics would be a strong awareness of medias and an ability to reformulate political issues in daily discussions. They therefore have a role of intermediary, facilitator, relay. A step is therefore taken in the study of the media: communication is not unidirectional and direct to a passive receiver, it is two-stage and takes place in two stages, via information relays (the two-step flow of communication).

Then in Personal Influence published in 1955, it will emerge from it that interpersonal relations are superior to the media in the acts of decision. In short, the hypodermic syringe and ultra-powerful media theories are becoming obsolete. The effects of the media are indirect and limited by the analytical capacities of individuals and their social network.

Phew, we are saved 🙂

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