Augmented reality: innovation in the relationship

Augmented Reality (AR) dynamically and interactively combines real world elements with virtual 3D or 2D elements by superimposing them. This technology opens up a field of innovation in terms of communication media. Beginnings in the cinema The first applications of augmented reality date back to the 70s. Then it was used for films such as "Tron" by Lisberger in 1982 or "Jurassic Park" by Spielberg in 1993 to try to make dinosaurs realistic by real jungle. Today, the areas of application of this technology have expanded significantly. There are different augmented reality techniques such as geolocation or shape recognition (a business card or a face, for example). 3D or 2D elements appear on a screen (television, smartphone, tablet, glasses, etc.) or are even projected (useful for giving an innovative tone...

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