5 people to tour the small world

Here is another useful theory of communication. To illustrate the importance of Social networks, Stanley Milgram demonstrated the existence of chains of interpersonal relationships. The length of a chain is defined by the number of intermediaries necessary to link a starting individual to a target individual. The average of these lengths was evaluated at 5,2 intermediates.

This figure tends to decrease to 4,6 when studies focus on individual occupations. By establishing that the average distance between two individuals is roughly equal to 5 in a mass society, Milgram's experiment made it possible to discover the theory of the "small world".

Looking further into his results, Stanley Milgram noticed that the chain linking the people in question was made up more of microgroups than of isolated individuals. He used the metaphor of a bunch of grapes to illustrate his point. Information is therefore transmitted from tribe to tribe. In short, social communities, both physical and virtual.

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