Le community manager participates in the presence of the company on Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.): watch, daily animation (corporate, commercial or affinity news) according to social media and the expectations of the members of each community, and finally monitoring of audience indicators. It identifies new opportunities for digital communication (new expressions like new social media). He is in charge of e-public relations with web influencers: e-public relations operations (on and off line), program of meetings with influential bloggers (site visits, VIP events, meetings with a manager, etc. .). He participates in crisis management when it arises to protect the company's e-reputation. He also follows the budget and schedules.


  • Relational and editorial skills
  • Digital culture
  • Versatility, dynamism, creativity, autonomy, responsiveness
  • Sense of service and analytical skills
  • Mastery of office tools, CMS, social media and Adobe suite (InDesign and Photoshop).


  • Diploma: Bac + 5 specialized in Communication.


  • Beginner: € 2 net monthly.
  • Confirmed: € 3 net monthly.
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