Employment: communication professions that are recruiting


On the employment side, the communication professions continue to transform and digital experts still stand out. Advertisers et communication agencies recruit in priority on positions with Web dominance.

  • Digital communication officer: its mission is to define and organize the presence of an advertiser and its offer on the Internet. It ensures the consistency of the actions implemented with the communication strategy of the company.
  • Web editorial manager: he / she is responsible for defining, producing and distributing content on the Internet in line with the company's editorial strategy.
  • Community manager : he / she is the expert in the animation of communities on the Web. He / she unites Internet users around poles of common interest (brand, product, affinity communication, etc.) and provides information to members of the community. He / she produces content adapted to develop interactions with Internet users and enhance the brand.
  • Digital planner: he / she contributes to the development of digital communication strategies for advertisers. He / she conducts research on specific subjects (behavioral changes, socio-cultural practices, etc.), analyzes Internet trends and advises advertisers, in particular on their online advertising campaigns.
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