Psycho: the foot-in-the-door 2.0


The foot-in-the-door is an influence technique that consists of proposing a first inexpensive request to a person and then proposing a second request, asking for more involvement. The rate of acceptance of the second request is always higher than that obtained in a situation where there was no first solicitation. Three researchers in social psychology – Nicolas Guéguen, Céline Jacob and Patrick Legohérel – have demonstrated that the foot-in-the-door also works on the Internet, and that it produces the same influence effects. This technique can therefore be applied to make a site known, to induce the obtaining of more information, to build loyalty, to encourage Internet users to answer questionnaires, to invite their relatives to visit the site, to use a game and to generate audience and therefore advertising. Now we understand the importance of the (too) many "Candy Crush" invitations on Facebook in the success of this game!

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