Brands don't forget Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not only the feast of lovers. This is also the time when brands wake up in the torpor of winter. A quick tour of the event communication devices that we love. Ikea offers a night in his love bed Who has never dreamed of staying locked up with his other half in an Ikea store? In Spain, the Swedish furniture brand did not dismantle for the last Valentine's Day: the couples registered on Groupon and a draw elected two lovebirds to try the brand's entire range of beds, a whole night. An interesting combination with Groupon to position the brand's products well! “And what do you do with life? – I'm an insurer”, Axa's speed-dating We can't get enough of it. To restore the image of its single employees, Axa demonstrated in 2013 that insurance does not rhyme with…

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