Google Panda: the webmaster's best enemy?

Here's a little reminder that never hurts 🙂 Since 2011, Google has inducted Mr. Google Panda in France. This algorithm optimizes search engine results, offering Internet users the most relevant websites. The other side of the coin on the webmaster side: regularly updated constraints to take into account to make their site appear at the top of the rankings or to stay in the best results. Developed by engineer Navneet Panda for the record, Google Panda limits malicious manipulation of certain sites that wanted to improve their natural referencing (SEO). Spam techniques were then used to generate advertising revenue by maximizing traffic on their site without really relevant content. The objective of Google Panda is therefore to devalue these sites and to reassemble the informational sites. If Google Panda is the Internet user's friend, he can be the enemy...

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