These brands that dare feminism!

Always, Dove, Nike, L'Oréal… Some brands seem to be committed to the cause of women, with more or less marked positions. Feminists? Activists? This phenomenon of "femvertising" aims to promote female talents and promote egalitarian values ​​between women and men (no gender war here!). Femvertising: societal commitment or marketing positioning? Advertisers who dare feminism have a product in common with women. Between activism and brand content, they adopt strategies directly linked to the brand's DNA, and thus aim to maintain a relationship of trust with their targets (while reaffirming their values ​​loud and clear). The most committed brands take advantage of this to adopt a benevolent attitude in terms of ethics through awareness-raising actions. A way to avoid the accusation of “feminity washing” and to remain credible with their…

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