Reputation: Uber strikes back with 70000 entrepreneurs

Paris, Montreal, Nairobi ... Uber everywhere raises the same debates on "theubérisation " economy. Let's take a look at the crisis communication strategy of the famous service for connecting users and drivers in VTC mode (Touring Vehicle with Driver). How does the lone cowboy present himself as a responsible economic actor?

While the taxis raise their voice to demand a reinforcement of the control measures of the VTC, Uber unveils in the Gallic village its public relations system (or "e-reputation") skilfully prepared with Marcel, communication agency of the Publicis group.

Last cartridge: employment

The stake for the American firm? Protect its leading position in France, its 3rd largest market, and erase its image of a bandit (background: controversy over UberPop, tax exemption, unfair competition, unmanned car test, etc.). Consumerist arguments - one-click ordering, the convenience of a minister's stagecoach, bottle of water, candy, choice of radio and remote payment - are no longer sufficient for this new duel.

Blockage of roads and scenes of violence, the time has passed to convince consumers with "customer benefits" by indirectly pointing to the shortcomings of taxis (we do not shoot ambulances!). We have to convince French public opinion. With an unemployment rate above 10,5%, employment is the first concern of the French. So the main message becomes: " VTCs create jobs in France ».

What benefits your industry today will benefit you tomorrow

70000 Entrepreneurs logo

With its “70 entrepreneurs” campaign, Uber is smoking the peace pipe with its national competitors. Uber plays collective and quotes the applications Allocab, Chauffeur-Privé, Cinq-S, Marcel, SnapCar in an emailing calling on its customers to sign a Online petition (produced under Google Docs!), in its forums (advertisements or press inserts in an “open letter” style) and on its event website With a low budget in media buying, Uber owes its success to the buzz surrounding its service. The uncle Sat Uber reuses its old recipe: presence on Social networks et viral video presenting 10 " women and men entrepreneurs traveling through cities serving their customers »(Of any age, any profile and any location). Very inspired by the clip " Imported from Detroit »Chrysler (SuperBowl 2011), we can only salute the achievement and imagine the upcoming conversion of Eminem to Uber driver in Detroit at the wheel of his black American. To support its press relations, Uber also offers turnkey content to the media: a graphics signed by the Idé agency, summarizing the results of a satisfaction survey of its “driver partners” (chosen semantics) endorsed by Ifop, and a press kit including the operation logo with some royalty-free images.

Chase the cowboy and he comes galloping back

Uber logo

With this e-reputation system, Uber limits the exposure of its brand, deflects the public debate on the VTC sector and presents itself as an accelerator in job creation through entrepreneurship. The only downside: the worldwide change in graphic territory. In the midst of the national crisis, the American firm chose to change its logo and those of its applications… Change of frame: the white “U” on a black background gives way to a white circle on a blue background symbolizing technology and electrical circuits. Oops… US communication interferes with Frenchy communication and the entrepreneur is overtaken by the machine, not very compatible with # 70000entrepeneurs.

Cowboy hat 😉

Romain Hammard

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