Reputation: Uber strikes back with 70000 entrepreneurs

Paris, Montreal, Nairobi… Uber raises everywhere the same debates on the “uberization” of the economy. Let's take a look at the crisis communication strategy of the famous service for connecting users and drivers in VTC (Touring Vehicle with Driver) mode. How does the solitary cowboy present himself as a responsible economic actor? While the taxis are raising their voices to demand a strengthening of the control measures for VTCs, Uber draws in the Gallic village its public relations (or “e-reputation”) system skilfully prepared with Marcel, communication agency of the Publicis group. Last cartridge: employment The challenge for the American firm? Protect its leading position in France, its 3rd market, and erase its image as a bandit (antecedents: controversy over UberPop, tax exemption, unfair competition, driverless car test, etc.). The consumerist arguments – one-click ordering, comfort of a minister's stagecoach, bottle of water, sweets, choice of radio and pay-as-you-go…

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