Corporate, ghost communication on Snapchat?

Snapchat corporate communication

Snapchat is THE social network of the moment. Among teenagers, the ephemeral photo / video sharing application would have already far outstripped Instagram, X (ex Twitter), or even Facebook. According to the latest figures, 100 million users connect to the platform every day and spend an average of 25 minutes there! Enough to attract the attention of brands. The first to have invested in the network are mainly in the United States, in the entertainment, fashion and leisure sectors. Ready to monetize its large audience, Snapchat has implemented several paid advertising options: geo-localized filters for promoting an event, sponsorship of "effects" on users' selfies, integration into public "stories"... All this with significant costs, exceeding $300 for a single campaign day. Audience too young, advertising too expensive… Should and can corporate communication have its place on Snapchat…

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