At Roland Garros with Mme Lacoste for a happy birthday

We Are COM was at "RG" ... at Roland Garros, on place to be post-Cannes communicators. To attend a match? Out! To talk about patronage with Beryl Lacoste Hamilton, President of the Lacoste Foundation on the occasion of her 10th birthday.

If tennis is one of the most elegant sports, the Lacoste brand embodies the very essence of this game. The “musketeer” René Lacoste is remembered as much for his innovative game as for his short-sleeved shirt which, in 1933, freed players from their city shirts. The champions have succeeded each other in time and the style of play as well as the styles of clothing constantly renews the spirit of tennis. The pioneers played in pants or long dresses and today, players compete in imagination to stand out from each other. An asset of comfort, seduction, destabilization… The players' outfits are eagerly awaited by the public and the commentators. René Lacoste, Suzanne Lenglen, Steffi Graf, the Williams sisters, Gustavo Kuerten… they have all been talked about for their game but also a lot for their outfits.

If players and modes pass, what's left? The values ​​of these clay heroes remain intact. " Confidence, tenacity, perseverance, rigor, with such weapons, everyone can build their life », These are the key words of René Lacoste who initiated the Lacoste Foundation. By supporting 60 young people in 000 countries, the Lacoste Foundation has been working for 22 years to transmit the values ​​of sport and allow young people to access sports perceived as “elitist” and to shape their professional future. These actions are reflected in particular by the support of more than 10 associations. “Silence please, the players are ready to talk to you about sponsorship”. First ball.

Interview by Maeva Regnaut et Eleanor Dumont.


Hello Beryl. Welcome on We Are COM. Are you ready to show us the best of your Foundation?

Hello the team. Yes, I am ready to answer your questions and in French 🙂

We know your crocodile well, your Foundation less well. Can you tell us about your actions?

We have two pillars, tennis and golf. We do not plan to develop other axes, because these are two sports in which we already have expertise. We can seriously support young people in their professional learning in these sports fields. We can also benefit from synergies thanks to the many relationships developed with associations and professionals. Our goal goes beyond just financial support and also consists of playing a role of coach and facilitator.

Personally, what project are you most proud of?

I am particularly proud of the activations carried out this year. For example, we accompanied 6 young people to New York, who were coached by Maria Sharapova's coach. A very nice meeting!

Internally, how do you mobilize employees towards the Foundation?

We are at the start of the deployment of actions aimed at employees. We wanted to redo the Foundation's website and it was the employees of Lacoste's Digital Communication department who wanted to lead the project without going through an external web agency, because this project was close to their hearts. In addition, we have developed an institutional film on the actions of the Foundation which is aimed at an external audience as well as an internal one. And we have created an annual meeting for employees. They can thus participate in the Olympics, with a system of contributions for the partner associations.

What are the links between the Foundation and the brand?

The Foundation and the brand come together in the field of values, but are in reality very dissociated. Our actions are not carried out for commercial purposes, to promote the brand. The brand runs its own sponsorship actions while we here act as a patron to give back to sport what it has given to our family and to the Lacoste brand.

3 things to know about Beryl Lacoste Hamilton

  • > She is the granddaughter of René Lacoste
  • > She was a journalist at BusinessWeek
  • > At Lacoste, she managed the Eyewear and Perfumes lines
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