Ô Grand Prix for HR Creativity, are you there?

Puzzled, we went to the 8th edition of HR Creativity Grand Prize. UFO where for an evening, our Human Resources cousins ​​celebrate their communications. Reckless, we settled in the auditorium of the Forum des Images in the immediate vicinity of an emergency exit. Delighted, we came out.

Despite a punctuality worthy of a RER B, a technical control still in PowerPoint training, hiccups between agencies and this feeling of being on the island of Ré, let's admit one thing: this cousinade was enriching. The tone was set by Françoise Gri, President of Viadeo: “ Digital is the key to accessing talent ". Good start… we have the key, find the door!


Digital communication

Si en digital communication the winner is the Pochet group corporate site, we especially liked Gemo with #StyleUnique. Through its new Recruitment site, the brand is dusting off its image and playing with the codes of the moment: a breeze of optimism, freshness of life and a flight of testimonial selfies. Well done ^^


Event communication

Despite the omnipresence of digital, we have never had so much need to meet, to share emotions, to perform rituals… As for events, we take our hats off to Groupama for its “Jobmeeting” tour where recruiters cut the road to meet candidates all over France, and at Carrefour for its “2 days in 2025” integration seminar. Phew, candidates are not alone behind their video CVs and recruiters will not (yet) be replaced by boring algorithms!

Groupama job meeting

Recruitment communication

« You don't catch flies with vinegar », This popular adage obliges us to put a spotlight on the COM recruitment. In this category, our favorite is McDonald's with its campaign “Your CDI, on site or to take away? ". We also salute the good work of the SNCF with the friends of Golden Mustache for the spot "Make the promotion of your promotion".

McDonald's Recruitment McDonald's Recruitment 2


Internal communication and change

You have barely entered a company when it is reorganized to adapt to a whole new situation. To support this change in work organization or even transform the behavioral approach in terms of customer relations, what better than a internal communication well conducted? This was the case at Disneyland Paris with the Courtoisie campaign and the opening of BHV Marais stores on Sundays.

Disneyland Paris Courtesy

Responsible communication

Yes, we can be communicative, fun and responsible. This is the demonstration made by Bouygues Telecom with the site of its disability mission MarcEtAndy.fr, mixing web series and pedagogical-practical content. Since 80% of disabilities are invisible, they can generate discomfort and misunderstanding in teams. This device makes it possible with humor to lift internally the taboo of the declaration of disabled worker and to sensitize the general public. Well seen 😉

marc-and-andy-disability mission Bouygues Telecom

Employer brand

And finally the grail, what am I saying, the Holy of Holies ... the best employer brand of the year 2016 is (drum roll): Global Fabrics. We discovered this young company (yes 33 years old, it's young!) With a communication device that takes us beyond the labels, values ​​the women and men of the company without over-promises and ultimately makes a pretty picture. Congrats!



For information, the entire 2016 prize list is available with a click here.

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