Press officer

The press attaché is the privileged interlocutor of the media (press, TV, radio, web, etc.). It creates trust between journalists and managers in order to contribute to the good image and credibility of the company and its products, sources of a positive reputation in the medium and long term. He informs opinion leaders of the company's highlights (examples: launch of a strategic plan, merger with a competitor, new product, appointment, etc.). In a crisis situation, he actively contributes to defending the company and participates in creating the conditions for restoring confidence as quickly as possible.
To successfully fulfill these objectives, the press attaché guarantees the consistency of the messages and content sent by the company to the media. He advises the managers and the spokesperson of the company by preparing language elements, Questions / Answers documents, a sector watch, etc.

The press attaché performs 5 main missions:

  • Monitoring: listening and collecting information to detect opportunities for speaking out, influencers on a given theme, or even weak signals that could become strong and generate a crisis.
  • Advice: media training for managers and company spokespersons.
  • Relationship: management of incoming calls, analysis and response to press requests, development of contacts, etc.
  • Content: writing of press releases, press kits, websites dedicated to opinion leaders, memo to prepare an interview, slides of the press conference, program of the press trip, etc.
  • Distribution: management of mailing lists, sending of produced content.


  • Knowledge of the press (functioning of the media)
  • Mastery of communication techniques and tools as well as crisis management
  • Diplomat, excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good writing
  • Stress and contingency management
  • Analytical mind
  • Knowledge of the sector and the company


  • Diploma: Bac + 5 in Communication, Political science, School of press attaché


  • Beginner: € 2 net monthly.
  • Confirmed: € 3 net monthly.
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