M & M's E2: And let's go for the show

Did you like the first episode of " Brands and Music - M & M's »On the association of artists with brands. We invite you to continue to discover the “song” of possibilities for communicators.


Possibility # 2: live the moment together to create the event

Brands have many opportunities to partner with musical venues or events. Festivals, concerts… and not only. Some advertisers position themselves on television music programs to gain visibility with a targeted audience. Like the show The Voice which had 5 main partners in 2016 : Sixt Car rental, Mir, FDJ (with a cross-channel system), Kinder Schoko-bons, and Deezer (which offered to relive the services thanks to a player integrated into the TF1 site).

Other brands want above all to give spectators an authentic moment. Mumm Champagne joined forces with artist David Guetta in 2015 for the prestigious Melbourne Cup. Prior to the event, the DJ appeared in a video uploaded to their own Facebook account inviting Internet users to participate in the event. Previously, his video clip “Dangerous” had already been sponsored by the Mumm brand with a product placement: David Guetta as a Formula 1 driver, facing Romain Grosjean, finished on the podium by slashing… a magnum of Mumm champagne.

At festivals, brands are no longer limited to the sole distribution of goodies or mobile recharging. They now offer relaxation areas, previews and make the event last on the web. A few go even further and engage in naming arrangements for several years. Renamed on Spring of Bourges-Credit Mutuel or againAccor Hotel Arena, these festive places now benefit from an additional budget in return for a naming contract.

More original, the creation of a tailor-made concert. What better way to unite a community of fans than an original musical event? With her " Suite n ° 7 », The Jack Daniel's brand has been organizing private concerts since 2012 with a very limited number of places. Put into play on social networks, these concerts take place in the suites of large hotels. Other brands use the same concept in "general public" format such as the SFR Live Night or the festival. Fnac live.

Want to know more about the association of Brands and Music? Meet at next episode of our M & M's file to discover the other COM operations offered to communicators.

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