M & M's E3: Don't forget the lyrics

After a first episode dedicated to endorsement and second in musical events, our saga of "Brands and Music" alias "M & M's" plunges you into the world of music for commercials. It's off again for the communicators' show.


Possibility # 3: Culture (musical) Pub

Armed with our Shazam and other Soundhounds, many of us are interested in the sweet melodies of advertisements. Putting music on moving images is now an integral part of the sound identity of a campaign; sometimes even a brand. Yes, we all have commercials in mind that involve the big names in the music industry, with cult songs, such as "What a wondeful world" by Louis Armstrong used by Optic 2000 in 2013, Opel in 2007, Suzuki and PepsiCo in 2005 and Citroën in 2002. Titles less known to the general public are sometimes used by two brands over the same period. If the We Are COM team sings “Da Da Da” to you, do you think of Berocca or the Citroën C3? A risk of cannibalization which can harm brand recognition.

In the world of corporate communication, brands generally seek artists who, in line with their values, cultivate the expected proximity with their target. This is the case of Little boat who appealed to Izia for his campaign "The months". By installing its new signature “Forever”, the Petit Bateau brand had made this song a true brand hymn; until proposing a showcase of the singer for the launch of her campaign.

In the field of transport, Air France is undoubtedly one of the brands most invested in musical brand content. With iconic corporate ads like “ The passage "With the Chemical Brothers in 1999, or more recently" France is in the air "with the cover of the title" Warm the Winter "by Glass Candy. The Air France brand has always wanted to make music a key element of its brand universe. By developing the device Air France music, the company went further by offering to find the playlists broadcast on board its planes. Enough to affirm further proof of the “caring relationship” that the brand wishes to bring to its client-travelers.


In advertising as in the cinema, soundtracks (pre-existing music) sometimes give way to original compositions. For its campaign dedicated to UEFA Euro 2016, Coca-Cola collaborated with Swedish producer Avicii to compose a unique advertising anthem. Results ? More than 8 million views on Youtube for the clip “Taste the feeling” with a product placement that did not go unnoticed: a good operation for Avicii and for the American brand.


In the end, music is a choice that marks
and no longer improvise

Between advertising, events, naming, product placement or even derivative products ... Musical devices have become widely diversified over the past two decades, driven by the growing success of the “M & M's - Brands and Music” associations. By working together, artists multiply the possibilities of being disseminated to their audiences and companies benefit from a key element to complete the expression of their brands.

A musical brand content strategy is never the result of chance. And rather than trying to reach as many people as possible, the strategy to adopt is that of "tailor-made" to develop its brand universe or to reach its audience. Thus, beyond the construction of a sound identity, brands now rely on music to multiply their speeches, taking into account the aspirations and lifestyle of their target.

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