M & M's E3: Don't forget the lyrics

After a first episode dedicated to endorsement and a second to musical events, our saga of "Brands and Music" alias "M&M's" immerses you in the world of advertising music. Here we go again for the communicators' show. Possibility #3: Culture (music) Pub Armed with our Shazams and other Soundhounds, many of us are interested in the sweet melodies of advertisements. Putting music on moving images is now an integral part of a campaign's sound identity; sometimes even a brand. Yes, we all have in mind ads involving the big names in the music industry, with cult songs, like "What a wondeful world" by Louis Armstrong used by Optic 2000 in 2013, Opel in 2007, Suzuki and PepsiCo in 2005 and Citroën in 2002. Titles less known to the general public are sometimes used by two brands on…

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