Big battle: Sponsorship vs Patronage

In this summer period, we wanted a light subject. UEFA Euro, Tour de France, Olympic Games… the competitive spirit wins us over and we launch the long-awaited battle: Sponsorship against Patronage. To do this, we are calling on the 9th most powerful brand in the world in 2016: McDonald's. In an economic world in full transformation, brands are looking for meaning to affirm their differences with a double objective: to win over new audiences and to retain their communities by developing a bond of affinity. Previously, we saw that PMU focuses its sponsorship on photography and contemporary art. Far removed from its origins and activity. Why ? As Virginie de Barnier explained to us, the best communication medium is emotion. If photography is a popular art, contemporary art is a break with the PMU. Here is an encounter between two worlds, creating emotion:…

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