Trump, President in post-truth

Franco-American, Nicole Bacharan is a political scientist specializing in the United States. The We Are COM team rushed to her to understand the shock that Donald Trump's election was. Since Paul Lazarsfeld in 1940, each US presidential election has been a textbook case for communicators. So we ask ourselves: How could he? What are the new paradigms of political communication? What were the tricks, the old recipes or the real innovations? Without tricking us (sorry), the answers will amaze you. Hello Nicole and thank you for answering the questions of the team, a little shaken after this political earthquake. We have the feeling of having witnessed a bad reality TV program: episodes with twists - revelations, investigations -, Hollywood characters - the beautiful and the bad, the over-vitamined and the exhausted -, reverse role-playing games - conservative becomes iconoclast, billionaire becomes...

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