10 tips to gain visibility on the internet

The We Are COM team spoke with Olivier Andrieu, the referencing reference in France and author of the book Succeeding in natural referencing. New brand or centenarian, all have to fight to exist on the internet. A real communication challenge! So to update and progress, we asked 10 SEO questions to the "referencing pope". Let's Go(ogle)! Do I have to take specific actions to protect my brand on the internet? In terms of SEO (natural referencing), we mainly talk about cybersquatting, that is to say the fight against the "smart guys" who buy domain names similar to those of your brand. There is no miracle recipe in this area: buying the most obvious domain names to prevent them from being “snatched” remains the most effective action. But ICANN (the organization that manages “extensions” such as .com or .fr) does not facilitate…

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