The 2016 Christmas Campaigns Around the World

Oh, oh oh, it's already the end of the year holidays! Spend time with family and friends, share, laugh… and consume. The brands have understood this well, this period is conducive to communication. Rather than highlighting specific offers, many of them take advantage of Christmas to reaffirm their values ​​and become part of the daily life of the dear consumer. Carried by an Anglo-Saxon tradition, Christmas campaigns rhyme with emotion and are often more “corporate” than “product”. Let's go on a world tour of the best Christmas 2016 campaigns… It's a gift!

# 1 France: Orange

First exception to the rule, the Orange spot "Big Noël" (Publicis) does not play on the sensitive chord but is endowed with "massive" humor with a battle of neighbors to who will have the "biggest" Christmases.

The plus: a social media strategy that draws on the codes of the web, with 6 "Big Tutorials" and also illustrates the brand's offers. Thus, the video Pimp my Christmas "Evokes sponsorship by featuring players from PSG while" Walking Turkey »Recalls the Orange thematic channels.

#2 United Kingdom : J

On the other side of the Channel, the Christmas campaigns are a real institution: difficult to decide between them! Heathrow spot in the style of Love Actually, story of Mrs. Claus by Mark & ​​Spencer,… And John Lewis with #BusterTheBoxer, a funny and moving Christmas campaign at the same time.
As a bonus, the star dog of this campaign was recreated in augmented reality in stores and has a strong social media presence. John Lewis is thus one of the first English brands to test sponsored filters on Snapchat. An operation… which sucks! (we couldn't miss it, otherwise there would have been a bone. STOP!)

#3 United States : Apple

Apple has decided this year to focus on acceptance. Beyond family values, which hit the mark during the last Christmas campaigns, the apple brand advocates openness by featuring the Frankenstein monster. A man "like the others" who only seek to share the magic of Christmas. A spot that recalls the latest ad from Amazon Prime (UK) by adopting a less “risky” position vis-à-vis a potentially divisive subject!
Special mention for the 2016 H&M commercial, directed by Wes Craven. The 4-minute film features Adrien Brody in the true style of the American director. In just 2 days, it has already been viewed over 2,5 million times! A spot that clearly shows the importance of end-of-year communications for brands.

#4 Australia: Aldi

Ah, these Americans, always in excess! Surely, when we celebrate Christmas on the beach, the atmosphere is slightly different… and even better? This is proven by the Aldi supermarket chain, in a “zero” spot where an American family succumbs to the joys of a sunny Christmas.

#5 Germany: Edeka

Another continent, another atmosphere. The German supermarket Edeka ad begins as a depressing song criticizing Christmas consumerism. A poem that ultimately turns into an ode to family values. We would almost have tears in our eyes 😉

#6 Spain: National Lottery

Last stop on our world tour: Spain! Here, it is clear: they want to make us cry. The spot of the National Christmas Lottery puts the package with a long version of almost 5 minutes underlining the importance of the collective. And yes, even more need to win when we are all together.
This campaign also has a strong resonance on the digital with a dedicated site allowing to discover the history of the secondary characters. Internet users can also talk to them directly on Facebook Messager in order to keep the excitement of this “celebration” in the village.


A round the world trip that makes you dizzy!
And you, what is your favorite Christmas ad?

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