"To be a good communicator is to have a taste for the shadows"

Dominique wood communication director transdev
Credit: Jean-François Deroubaix

Dominique Wood-Benneteau is communications director of the Engie group. Before diving into the bath of the advertiser (Transdev, Air France, Carrefour), she spent 20 years in a communication agency. How do we go from one universe to another? How to reconcile and/or reconcile these two worlds? She agreed to confide in the We Are COM team. Hello Dominic. Thank you for lending yourself to the interview game with us. We like to start with a very simple question: what is your definition of corporate communication? Corporate communication is above all a means of expressing a strategy. Its subject is to make the strategy of a group or a company visible and legible. Depending on the context in which it is found, corporate communication is also a lever that can be used to transform an image, an organization, get internal on board, etc. I think it's a…

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