Renault at the top with Alpine

renault alpine sponsorship sponsorship

Here the We Are COM team will not talk to you about mechanics, even if we like horses (from PMU). We leaned over the cradle of the future Alpine with the desire to understand why and how to relaunch an old brand. By car, Simone! Renault waited 26 years (in other words a generation) to revive the Alpine myth. Since 2012, the diamond brand has been working on the beauty's comeback. The French manufacturer has not skipped the steps and meticulously weighed the risks it took to dust off the memory machine. The flattering results of the Fiat 500, the Mini or even those of the DS series – which first bore the Citroën logo before flying on its own wings – have reinforced this strategy. This rapidly growing market is pushing the Boulogne-Billancourt group to also launch into neo-retro. He…

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