Top corporate campaigns for spring 2017


To be accepted, to stand out, to be forgiven… These are the challenges faced by our favorite brands in this spring of 2017. To answer them, a solution: to carry out high-level corporate campaigns!


3. Youtube

With 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, Youtube is by far the world's leading video platform. American giant - owned by Google - yet already known to all (or almost), the site recently unveiled a large-scale web campaign. The goal? Promote the diversity and quality of its content to assert the platform's place in French society and in the debates that animate # Elections2017. A daring bet led by the agency Darewin in a video montage “Made in France”.

The corporate campaign #ForgeonsNosOpinions was widely broadcast on Youtube but also on Twitter and on display before the presidential elections. It more broadly echoes the positioning of Google in France: “ We are convinced that this (digital) revolution is an extraordinary opportunity for France and that we have a role to play«  underlined Anne-Gabrielle Dauba-Pantanacce, Director of Communication for Google in France, during her meeting with the Team.

2. Randstad

The approach of the elections also undoubtedly also inspired the last campaign of Randstad, specialists in interim and Human Resources. The timing is indeed favorable to bring a sensitive subject to the fore: employment. Designed by the agency here Barbès, Randstad's device highlights certain paradoxes in our society. A distinctive positioning which places the Dutch brand as a trusted intermediary, a digital expert at the service of people.randstad-advertisement-2017

Visible in TV, online and by display, the campaign is accompanied by an event variation with " The Presidential Train »In which Randstad is a partner. It notably includes a “sharing box” which invites visitors to challenge presidential candidates on employment issues.

Randstad's 2017 corporate campaign thus feeds its "Technological resources for human resources" signature, which promotes the solutions and teams of the 2nd world player in the sector. A response to the first TV campaign ofIndeed, leader of job sites in the world?

1. Samsung

The year 2016 is behind it. Samsung, more powerful Brand Korean the world, has largely taken the floor after several months of silence following the "explosive batteries" of the Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung has implemented a corporate communication strong, marked by two distinct phases: the first is factual. It aims to reassure all stakeholders about the quality and safety of Samsung products. In television, this bias is reflected in images of “high-tech” tests and manipulations, accompanied by a voice-over that never directly mentions the problem of batteries. On the web, speaking out is more “transparent”. The advertising spot is supplemented by a number of questions overwhelmingly asked by customers. This posture was welcomed by Internet users, especially since Samsung left its comment spaces open under each of the videos relating to the “Security” campaign.

After this mea culpa, the Korean firm is initiating the second phase of its return, with an aspirational campaign aimed at the general public. This one-minute spot, designed by the agency Cheil and broadcast around the world, generated over 20 million views in just a few weeks.

And if this spot features one of the brand's new emblematic products, namely the virtual reality, its scope is much wider. He comes to support the baseline #DoWhatYouCant and makes you forget, with humor and emotion, the setbacks of 2016: objective achieved!


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