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jenesuispasjolie responds to wearecom to be youtubeur

From the height of her 21 years, Léa is a real business leader. If being a YouTuber was only about posting videos a few years ago, today it means having to manage partnerships, announcements... On the occasion of Get Beauty 2017, a fair for beauty YouTubers, the one that operates under the nickname of Jenesuispasjolie answered questions from the We Are COM team. Hello Léa, both author of a book titled "I'm not pretty, you're the most beautiful!" and founder of your publishing house, you are first and foremost a YouTuber. How do you present your job as a “Youtubeur” to neophytes? This job requires being a real Swiss army knife: there is of course the heart of the job, video. Beyond putting it online, it's a task that goes from writing content to editing, including video production and sound recording. But he…

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