Top corporate campaigns for fall 2017

Change the laws, simplify the world and be forgiven in order to move forward. In this fall 2017, the brands did not resist calling the corporate communication and push their own limits: to leave the simple logic product of "this is what I propose to you", to abandon the business logic autocentric of "look at what I know how to do" to finally focus on a logic of uses "yes I can do this for and with you ”. Basta products and navels ... just cool things to do together 😉


3. Crossroads

Play smugglers with "the forbidden market". Committed, Carrefour France is mobilizing to defend the “Camus du Leon” artichoke, the “Rosé d'Armorique” onion and the “Tregor bean”. Wouldn't we be taken for gourds? No, the matter is serious: it is a question of Diversity! Carrefour's mission is to launch a citizens' movement to change the law that forces farmers to use seeds listed in the Gnis catalog [Editor's note: no, he's not a character from Lord of the Rings, he's the National Interprofessional Seeds and Plants Association”] and deprives the French of unlisted seeds because they are less profitable since they are less resistant to “stress” (drought, temperature change, etc.). the Gnis invoices listing costs in the catalogue, relegating peasant agriculture “outside the catalogue” in favor of seeds from “industrial” seed companies. Now that we have the pitch...

Why does Carrefour think of itself as an avocado of forgotten vegetables? Because the demand for authentic and organic products is strong, that the short circuits start to titillate him the beans, that the ugly vegetables and the price tag are already taken by the competitors, that that that… For all these reasons, the 'brand is draped in civic virtue with a campaign that looks like a social struggle signed by the agency Marcel. It works: to stop the prohibition of butternut “Kouign Amann”, we – team We Are COM – have signed the Carrefour petition on And bam the Gnis!


2 Uber

Make peace between us and "move forward with you". Humble, Uber celebrates its 5th anniversary in France without party favors or confetti. " Sometimes we went too fast and we didn't always know how to listen »Confesses the voice over of spot on footage of impromptu press conference and fiery protest. After the #DeleteUber badbuzz, the accusations of sexual harassment set up in corporate culture, the resignation of the President-founder following an altercation with a ruined Uber driver, the ban on the operating license in London… In short if the Uber service remains popular, the brand is going through a real crisis of confidence with public opinion.

To meet the challenge, this new campaign is not another campaign. It symbolizes the transformation of the company: a rebirth with accents of repentance and a clear return to the fundamentals: customers, drivers without whom Uber would not move forward. " Growing up, we understood that in order to move forward, we must also and above all listen. With this first campaign to air on TV, we want to mark the start of a new chapter in Uber's history. »Testifies Michelle Lamberti, Marketing Director Uber France since last May. In this mea culpa orchestrated by the agency DDB Paris, we discover a nice manifesto, a spot made in France and a successful print concept. Well worth five stars, right?

1. Post

To send a package in the air to "simplify the life". Optimistic, Post is daring by launching its new brand signature. A customer promise launched as a challenge for the 250 postal workers: to transform the company (there too) for " make life easier " client.

This gives birth to a campaign filled with good humor, thanks to the talents of the director duo. We Are From LA (big-up of the team We Are COM) and the agency BETC. TV spots such as the print device promote the benefits provided to customers with a crazy approach that only makes sense with La Poste's solutions: sending parcels in pajamas, watching over your mother who lives 1000 km away, finding a invoice in two seconds, etc. And it is not Nathalie Collin, deputy general manager of the La Poste group in particular in charge of Communication, who will contradict us: " Our new brand campaign tells the story of our transformation and our ambition to play a leading role in simplifying French daily life. A role so obvious that it becomes our new signature »She explains. Important detail for us communicators: the name “La Poste” has disappeared to make way only for the postal logo. Is it due to the spontaneous extreme notoriety of the logo or to an excess of simplicity?



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