Top corporate campaigns for fall 2017

Change the laws, simplify the world and make amends to move forward. In this autumn of 2017, the brands couldn't resist calling on corporate communication and pushing their own limits: abandoning the simple product logic of "here's what I'm offering you", abandoning the self-centered business logic of "look at what I know how to do" to finally focus on a logic of uses "yes I can do that for and with you". Goodbye to products and navels… just cool things to do for two 😉 3. Carrefour Playing smugglers with “the forbidden market”. Committed, Carrefour France is mobilizing to defend the “Camus du Leon” artichoke, the “Rosé d'Armorique” onion and the “Tregor bean”. Wouldn't we be taken for gourds? No, the matter is serious: it is a question of Diversity! Carrefour's mission is to…

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