5 tools for today's communicators

Create a banner for the intranet or the Facebook page, set up a form for an event, make a videoconference with colleagues from around the world, ... Being a communicator means juggling a multitude of missions ... and tools ! And in recent years, no need to master web design, HTML or network settings to get the best equipment. 
Here are 5 tools that only require an internet connection to save time on a daily basis!






canva, it's design in 3 clicks. On this site, you can easily create documents for web and print, starting from scratch or drawing inspiration from many templates (whose dimensions for social media are always up to date 👌🏻). The tool is simple and intuitive and the rendering is breathtaking! Beyond the 8 customizable templates for free, Canva also includes many royalty-free images and others, which you can pay per use (€ 000 per image).


More information www.canva.com - available on the web and on iPad
Prices : Free with access to over 8 models. Monthly subscription starting at $ 000 (over 12,95 models, extensive resizing tool, etc.)
Alternatives? Crello (web service very loosely inspired by Canva, with the addition of the possibility of creating gif) - Photoshop (the king software, paying and which requires a time to get started. It remains the most powerful graphic creation tool!)




Need to take screenshots for your next tutorial? Skitch is a free and easy-to-use tool allowing you to capture all or part of the screen and then annotate or draw on this image. Published by the Evernote company, this program is linked with the note-taking app to easily share and save all captures.


More information https://evernote.com/intl/fr/products/skitch - only available on Mac, iPad and iPhone since 2015 😓
Price : Free
Alternatives? Capture (installed natively on Windows), Greenshot (free program for Windows with functionalities equivalent to those of Skitch)




For a long time, forms were dark and sad pages ... Then came the time of GoogleForms, easy to edit and distribute. Here they too are put in the closet with the arrival of Typeform ! This online form creation service is distinguished by the ergonomics of its interface, on the "admin" side and on the user side. Its graphic style is immediately recognizable, refined and fluid, in the current codes of the web. A professional rendering that can be integrated on a website or in a pop-up and connected to analytics tools (Google Analytics).


More information www.typeform.com - available online + Typeforme Lite on iOS and Android
Prices : Free up to 100 responses per month and 10 questions per form. Subscription at 25 euros / month with unlimited fields and answers. Pro version at 59 euros / month for white label use
Alternatives? Google Form (free web service but with limited layout features), Jotform (web service similar to Typeform friends with a different graphic style)





Need to quickly organize multiple meetings without having to worry about managing your availability? Calendly is a web tool that allows you to share different options with participants while remaining synchronized in real time with your calendars (Outlook or Gmail). In the paid version, Calendly also manages the sending of reminders and the creation of group meetings. A must to save time!


For more information: calendarly.com - available online
Prices : Free for 1 event integrated in Google Calendar or Outlook. Premium version from € 8 / month for an unlimited number of events and management of group meetings. Pro version at $ 12 for white label use.
Alternatives? freebusy (web service integrated into Outlook or Gmail which allows you to share your availability with the recipients of your choice)






A partner wants to show you their progress remotely? Or would your Italian colleague like to “see” you for once? In business, it is often complicated to install videoconferencing tools without the authorization of your IT department... Appear.in allows you to organize a "video" for free, without registration and without installation (via Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and even to share your screen. Managed in peer-to-peer, Appear.in ensures that no data is stored on its servers. Any info to share with your IT manager?


More information appear.in - web service on Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Prices : Free: video conversation and screen sharing for up to 8 people. Premium version: 12 € / month to customize the appearance of the platform and have up to 12 participants in video.
Alternatives? Skype for Business (program included in Office 365, the business version of Skype enables group audio calls and video meetings in a secure environment) / Google Hangout (service and applications integrated into Gmail, allows you to make group audio and video calls, free of charge)
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