The 5 major trends in Communication in 2018

Always on the lookout for good ideas, the We Are COM team was present at the 31st edition of the Grands Prix COM-ENT to investigate the winners. We share our notes with you ...


The COM, a very talkative mute

# 1 Speak true. There is something authentic when a brand ...

or recognize its mistakes, like the SNCF, which in an internal magazine, deciphers the serious incidents of the last 2 months so that they do not happen again (Babel agency).
or talk about annoying subjects, such as RATP about the long weeks of stopping the RER A for works (Datagif agency).
or share their secrets, like LVMH which welcomes 220 students for a workshop on the innovation issues of its large Houses (Havas Paris agency).
or send each of us back to major social issues: breaking the loneliness of our elders thanks to the postman's visit (Post - Havas Paris agency) or even reveal terrorist recruiting techniques to take the opposite view (campaign " Always the choice From the Government Information Service - TBWA \ Corporate agency).
Has the wall of taboos fallen?

The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said - Peter Drucker

Emotion, the king media

# 2 Strengthen ties. It's exciting when a communication ...

Jostle ordinary, with a simple stirrer. Nescafé found in this futile object a great reason to strike up a conversation with a stranger (Buzzman agency).
Jostle even the extraordinary, with a flight below a nest of tourists thanks to a zip line hanging from the Eiffel Tower. The " Smash perrier »Offers a peak at 90km / h and a solo experience to be broadcast without moderation on social networks (Ubi Bene agency).
The emotion is shared and it shows. Why are you blushing?

Humor is the shortest route from one man to another - Georges Wolinski

Social networks, human above all

# 3 Create meetings. There is genius when an individual ...

Shakes his thumb on his smartphone for a cause - even outright for a brand. The pure-player Heetch was able with the Manifestory agency to invent the phygital manifestation around the hashtag #GenerationHeetch and take advantage of the influence of its user community to put pressure on the legislator. Not even afraid !
Shakes his mouse on his PC to enter the " House of Fans From Microsoft France (Brainsonic agency) and become one of the 4 super-clients elevated to the rank of Ambassadors thanks to a gaming platform and privileged meetings with collaborators.
Since when do we know that Man is a social animal?

Technology does not create a social link, but technology can create conditions that make it so that by reappropriating it, we create a social link. - Joël de Rosnay

Be serious, without taking yourself seriously

# 4 Surprise in the agreed upon. There is talent when a device ...

Casse the codes of the compulsory exercise of the annual report. BPCE preferred a literary novel to the institutional single-use brochure (Havas Paris agency).
Casse the codes of two professions, lawyer and lobbyist. the Paris Bar (yes yes!) brilliantly and noisily alerted public opinion to the weakness of the means granted to justice by “growing up” politicians (Okó agency).
Two remarkable disruptive devices, they are so clashing. Let us congratulate here the courage of the proposals of these agencies and the nerve of the advertisers who have retained them. Standing ovation?

If you don't commit to anything, you won't have anyone against you, and no one for you. - Bill Bernbach

Team spirit, team story

# 5 Edit stories. There is something poetic when a young person ...

Discover the aeronautical professions, thanks to an app for Safran dedicated to middle and high school students (ORC Communications agency).
Discover the daily life of the Airmen of theArmée de l'air, the time of a report that takes us into the story of its heroes and their weaknesses (Havas Paris agency).
Discover that his flaws (too curious, too creative, too adventurous, too!) are assets in a recruiter like Vinci (Jesus & Gabriel agency).
Discover the world of watches, with the Foundation of Haute Horlogerie and its self-learning app. Basically intended for sellers, the device quickly won over enthusiasts (Makheia agency).
And passions are like good wines: they take time and are shared. What are you going to be bottling this year?

If we look into the next century, leaders will be the ones who value others - Bill Gates



Survey results

In 2017 the winners have set out to speak the truth, to strengthen ties, to create encounters, to surprise in the agreed, to edit stories that tell. They do not owe their success to “a good idea” but to the perfect execution of a physical and digital experience, designed for an individual. And yes, behind the data or an IP address, there is a smile to be won, an interest to be aroused, a click to be provoked. This is CA: the Augmented Communication.

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