Christmas: the best commercials of 2017

Best Christmas Campaigns 2017

Because it is very emotional, Christmas is also a strong time in communication. The thousand and one advertisements for toys from our childhood have given way to a new genre from Anglo-Saxon countries: the Christmas short film signed by a major brand. The idea? Carrying out your values ​​loud and clear, rather than just wanting to slip your products into Santa's hood. Sing, dance, as a couple or as a family: the brands are not lacking in imagination to invite us to celebrate Christmas with them!


👨‍👧 Christmas with you - BBC, United Kingdom

In the land of Christmas commercials, who better than the BBC to bring tears to our eyes? In this animation spot produced in-house, a young girl is preparing her end-of-year number under the (admiring?) Gaze of her dad.

A “unique” relationship which symbolizes, for the English television channel, the power of the holidays spent together. We like 👍🏼

📦 Christmas Song - Amazon, United Kingdom

Let's stay in Britain. With its 2017 campaign, the Seattle firm is bridging its online sales activity, its “all smiles from A to Z” logo and Christmas.

In this ad produced by the Lucky Generals agency, the packages start singing about a Supertramp classic. Don't even need a Christmas song to want to order gifts online?

🤖 Futuristic Christmas - Edeka, Germany

Already present in our "Top campaigns" last year, the German brand Edeka (and its agency Jung Von Matt) unveils a new 100% emotional Christmas film. What will Christmas be in 2117?

A dive into a future “à la Wall-E”, carried by a strong message: “ Without love, Christmas is just a party.

Christmas dancing - Orange, France

First of our Check these top 2016“, Orange returns with a new film where music and dance play a central role. This time, a father gives everything to fill his family, to the sound of "Don't Stop Me Know" by Queen.

“The Christmas Fever”, produced by the communication agency Publicis Conseil, is based on the brand universe developed throughout the year by Orange. We thus find a realization mixing the points of view of the characters, like the 2017 Orange campaign called “Regards Croisés”.

🐻 Sweet Christmas - John Lewis, UK

It's THE most anticipated Christmas brand movie every year. John Lewis unveiled its #MozTheMonster campaign in early December, the story of a little boy and his friendly monster “under the bed”.

The film, directed by Michel Gondry for the Adam & Eve DDB agency, however, divided opinion. If the disappearance of this imaginary friend is misunderstood, even too sad for some, the fact remains that Moz has become a mascot for the brand. Plush, book, contests on social media… #MozTheMonster has not yet disappeared from the radar!

🎨 Christmas by creating - HP, United States

HP may well be a “technological” brand, but what it touts in its Christmas spot is above all a creativity made of paper and cardboard.

The “Create Wonder In Your World” campaign (agency: BDDO) thus makes the link between the brand's products and what they allow to build… “IRL” (“In Real Life”). A festive way to illustrate its slogan “Keep reinventing”.

🥊 Christmas in action - Audi, United States

Who said that Christmas necessarily rhymes with fraternity? When two drivers in search of gifts are ready to do anything to find the holy grail, the result is a campaign with a neat musical climate signed “Venables Bell & Partners” for Audi.

May the best win ?

❤ Christmas together - Intermarché, France

Impossible to finish this TOP 2017 without THE French campaign of this Christmas. Intermarché and the Romance agency have produced an emotional 2-minute film that highlights the brand's “healthy” products… but above all the brand's values.

Rocked by music by Henri Salvador, the “I've dreamed so much” campaign features a little boy concerned about Santa's overweight. But in the end, the important thing is not so much what's under the tree as the people around you!

A spot that sums up the christmas trend 2017 : brands at the service of the collective and the family, brands to live unique moments “ Bundles" page (in French).

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