Christmas: the best commercials of 2017

Best Christmas Campaigns 2017

Because it is very emotional, Christmas is also a strong time in communication. The thousand and one toy advertisements of our childhood have given way to a new genre from Anglo-Saxon countries: the Christmas short film signed by a major brand. The idea? Carrying its values ​​loud and clear, rather than just wanting to slip its products into Santa's sack. Sing, dance, as a couple or as a family: the brands are not lacking in imagination to invite us to celebrate Christmas with them! 👨‍👧 Christmas with you – BBC, UK In the land of Christmas adverts, who better to bring tears to our eyes than the BBC? In this animated spot produced internally, a young girl prepares her end-of-year number under the (admiring?) gaze of her dad. A “unique” relationship which symbolizes, for the…

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