A brand is also sound

83SHARES The identity of a brand sometimes depends on four notes. The most concrete case is probably that of the SNCF. Let's ignore the news and repeated breakdowns, let's just focus on sound design. Everyone in France has heard this vocal jingle at least once, which has been around for 10 years now, followed by announcements from Simone, who has been lending her voice to the SNCF for 35 years. These two elements have profoundly contributed to anchoring the identity of the brand, and to directly identifying its issuer. To such a point is that David Gilmour, ex-singer of the legendary group Pink Floyd, took over the jingle of the railway company in 2015 to make it a song in its own right. Consecration for a brand. But sound identity is often still the poor relation of communication, in the best case neglected, in the worst case untapped. However, she brings...

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