Com'1 Monday - Season 1, Episode 5


February 18 2018

COM'1 Monday is a summary of last week's COM news, to share in a team meeting 👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏾 or around a coffee


Don't touch my pitch

Difficult to miss on social media: Brioche Pasquier is in a legal battle over the use of the term "pitch". This word, very popular at the moment, refers to the rapid exercise of presenting a start-up AND the chocolate-filled brioche of the French industrialist.

In order to fight against the degeneration of its brand (which could lead to “Pitch” becoming a common name, the use of which could no longer be protected), the agri-food group asked several companies specializing in the training of business leaders to stop using this word. A legal exercise that confronts the codes of the start-up with those of a large company.


Touch (not) to my reach

Did you think the reach of your posts on Facebook was already too low? However, the social network has just corrected its figures…. against you. The Palo Alto firm has finally put an end to its controversial reach calculation which overestimated the visibility of content (+ 33% over 7 days). In question: the taking into account of the scope as soon as a publication was loaded by a user.

The results of the two calculation modes are now visible in the Facebook statistics tool. It hurts !


When Google is inspired by Snapchat

Google has just launched its “stories”, a format popularized by Snapchat (then Instagram). Called AMP Stories, this mobile-friendly format is based on simple templates and UI, enhancing dynamic and interactive visuals. Mashable, CNN and the Washington Post are among the first partners in the solution.


Rain of news at Snapchat

While the controversial latest version of its application is being deployed, Snapchat unveiled 3 new features last week:

  • The launch of Snap Map on the web
  • The opening of its API to all
  • The appearance of detailed statistics for official and influential accounts

If the first aims to make an existing feature more visible, the Snaps map, which makes it easy to follow what is happening live, at the place of your choice, the other two marks deep advances.

Snapchat's API will soon allow agencies, third-party tools and brands to create their personalized advertising solutions on Snapchat, while statistics serve the needs of brands AND influencers on the platform. It includes the “basics”: number of views, time spent, reach and engagement, as well as information on the audience. Strong signs in supporting the economic development of the platform.


Linkedin and Infogreffe give visibility to SMEs

LinkedIn, the leading professional network in France and around the world, and Infogreffe have signed an agreement for a collaboration that will allow companies not present on LinkedIn to have a dedicated Company Page in order to benefit from the visibility offered by the network and to reach a wider audience.

This collaboration specifically aims to create Company Pages on LinkedIn for all French companies that are not already present on the professional network. 1,5 million pages have already been created. Ultimately, a total of 2 million Company Pages should be online.

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