Financial communication: the revenge of video

February is THE month for annual results. A busy economic agenda, all investor relations managers of listed companies are busy publishing financial notices. In an increasingly complex world, those responsible for financial communication are also concerned by the digital transformation. How to renew and go beyond legal publications? The formats, channels and methods of distribution are changing. The We Are COM team took advantage of the confidences of Wiztopic, the corporate and financial content distribution platform whose users are mainly listed companies, which reveals a striking trend: video is showing its revenge. After being an extension of print devices such as annual reports, video has become the most dense content in financial communication. Here is our TOP of the best video processing in COMFI, enlightened by Wiztopic.


TOP 1  The motion design interview

Faurecia opted for a video with an animated interview with its CEO, Patrick Koller. Beyond the speech of the latter, Internet users can discover the results of the listed company via graphic animations in the colors of the brand. The plus: this format allows you to learn the announced results without sound, and infographics can be easily adapted for other media.

TOP 2  Video infographic

The Beneteau group is uploading a video this year to highlight its key figures as part of its 2016 - 2017 activity report. The pitfall of compiling figures is avoided since we also discover the activity, brands and the very philosophy of the #TransformToPerform corporate strategic plan. A great achievement, practical that can be updated in future publications. Let's face it, it's not a boat!

TOP 3  The cross interview

The BPCE group has chosen this year to conduct a cross-interview with François Pérol (Chairman of the Group) and Laurent Mignon (CEO of Natixis, BPCE subsidiary) in a video presenting the results of the fourth quarter and the full year 2017 of the BPCE group. Even without a tie, it looks serious without being boring. Hat !

TOP 4  The boss's desk

To announce its 2017 results on its newsroom, the Covéa group has chosen to broadcast a video of the CEO presenting his wishes to the press and which also outlines the outlook for 2018. This dynamic video allows Covéa stakeholders to relive this event which is dedicated to them and orchestrated by the communication teams.

TOP 5  Highlights

The highlights of 2017 remain a classic year. To process them on video is rarer. Danone has been taking up the challenge for four years and is offering a real documentary to tour the planet. A montage that is reminiscent of the videos “à la Brut”. A squared track for 2018 ...



And you, how do you use your video content on social networks?

To attract engagement on the Company Pages' social networks, the videos can be re-used in different formats: a cover visual, an infographic that summarizes the key figures, an integrated video, a GIF or even an illustration presentation. 3d. Good ideas, no? 🙂

Sources: examples on the Groupe BPCE Facebook Business pages, Crédit Agricole SA, Amundi as well as on the Twitter accounts of Faurecia and Nexity.
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