Com'1 Monday - Season 1, Episode 12


April 8, 2018 COM'1 Monday is a summary of COM news from the past week, to share in a team meeting 👱🏻 ♀️🧔🏾 or around a coffee ☕ #DATA Facebook limits l access to personal data In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica affair (episode 1, episode 2) and a few days after disabling data brokers, Facebook unveiled new measures limiting access to its users' personal data. Events, groups, pages, applications, Facebook Login but also Instagram API: several key features are concerned. The objective: to redefine the elements shared with “third parties” and to give more control to users. The details of the updates in the official Facebook press release (English) #PUB Snapchat flirts with seniors 📺 Star among teens, shunned by adults? The ghostly social network, in turmoil since the release of its latest version, is now doing everything to charm those over 35…

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