Com'1 Monday - Season 1, Episode 15


April 29th

COM'1 Monday is a summary of last week's COM news, to share in a team meeting 👱🏻‍♀️🧔🏾 or around a coffee


Facebook and Twitter unveil their results for the 1st quarter of 2018

The two social media, listed on the stock exchange, unveiled their indicators for the first months of the year.

For the site site of Mark Zuckerberg, all is well despite the scandal. Its net profit is 5 billion dollars (+63% over one year), a sign of its “paying” advertising strategy (#ahah hum). Thus, 91% of its revenue now comes from mobile (versus 45% in 2013). On the user side, the increase continues with 2,2 billion monthly assets and 1,4 billion daily assets. A flourishing activity that can be found in the ARPU, or “average revenue generated per user” (yes yes, your account “brings” $8,12 on average to Facebook):

Facebook Q1 2018 - average revenue per user

At Twitter too, the numbers are green. For the 2nd time (in a row) in its history, the social network recorded profits ($ 61 million). 50% of the site's revenues come from the United States, driven in particular by video formats, which are very popular with advertisers. Only the user growth figures still worry observers: although still more numerous, new twittos are becoming rarer than in 2017!

Twitter Q1 2018 - user statistics


Snapchat plays “In Real Life” and in augmented reality

Snap Inc. this week unveiled the new Spectacles, its connected glasses for Snapchat. New colors, water resistance, and above all the possibility of taking photos and videos in HD are on the program for 175 euros. While the first version was not as successful as expected, will these new pairs validate Snap Inc.'s foray into the tech world?

At the same time, the social network unveiled a new type of “lens”, the Snappables. These filters, which use facial movements at the heart of a mini-game (in augmented reality or not) are interactive. You find yourself, at your choice, in the heart of a Space Invader or simply facing a “mirror” where you have to make as many faces as possible to challenge your friends. The next phenomenon in public transport? 🤔


The Ministry of Labor fights received ideas in “stories” mode

It is still scary and yet allows faster professional integration: learning is a key issue for the State. To promote the subject directly to interested parties, namely 16-26 year olds, the Ministry of Labor (with its gyro agencies and STAKEHOLDERS) launched a communication campaign based on "current codes and modes", namely: stories , live and influencers.

Carried by the hashtag #DémarreTaStory, the campaign is deployed mainly on Instagram and Snapchat, but also in sponsored content on Minute Buzz, Topito and on the channels of Youtubers Amixem and Pierre Croce. Well calibrated or too forced, this 100% “young” com? We let you judge!


On the independence of comm 'groups

The group of communication agencies Havas, formerly controlled by Vincent Bolloré (and since 2017 become a subsidiary of the Vivendi group - controlled by Bolloré), is cited in a court case that promises many twists and turns.

The head of the Havas Paris international hub, Jean-Philippe Dorent, was put on trial alongside the CEOs and chairman of the Bolloré group, namely Gilles Alix and Vincent Bolloré. Justice indeed suspects leaders of Bolloré of having used Havas, then a subsidiary of the Bolloré group, to facilitate the accession to power of African leaders and to obtain in return port concessions.


Havas, France's leading advertising group and 1th worldwide, will it suffer from this affair?

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