Com'1 Monday - Season 1, Episode 15


April 29, 2018 COM'1 Monday is a summary of COM news from the past week, to share in a team meeting 👱🏻 ♀️🧔🏾 or over a coffee ☕ #MONEY Facebook and Twitter unveil their results for the 1st quarter of 2018 The two social media, listed on the stock exchange, have unveiled their indicators for the first months of the year. For Mark Zuckerberg's site, everything is fine despite the scandal. Its net profit is 5 billion dollars (+63% over one year), a sign of its “paying” advertising strategy (#ahah hum). Thus, 91% of its revenue now comes from mobile (versus 45% in 2013). On the user side, the increase continues with 2,2 billion monthly assets and 1,4 billion daily assets. A flourishing activity that is reflected in the ARPU, or “average revenue generated per user” (yes yes, your account “brings” $8,12 on average to Facebook): At Twitter too, the figures are green.…

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