"Brands are alive"

The We Are COM team is a fan of semio, socio, semantics. On the benches of the university, we met Maria Di Giovanni. Impressed we were. A passionate and fascinating woman, she had enlightened us on the analysis of brands, the emotional universe of the consumer, the different expressions of the same brand according to cultures, etc. We asked for more! Ready? Happy to see you again 🙂 We attack directly: why do some brands literally fascinate us? Yes brands can be “fascinating” in different ways. When a brand comes to the forefront of the news, it is extremely relayed on social networks, it has a very high rate of commitment, etc. ; all this because it manages to capture part of the spirit of the times, an inspiration in society, an answer to a deep need. It can also take on board the expectations of an audience until it becomes its door...

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