COM'1 Monday - Season 1, Episode 20

June 4, 2018 COM'1 Monday is a summary of COM news from the past week, to share in a team meeting 👱🏻 ♀️🧔🏾 or over a coffee ☕ #CRISEDADO The popularity of Facebook down sharply among American teenagers Pew Research Center unveiled, last week, the update of its study on the use of social media by American teenagers (13 – 17 years old). When we know that 95% of them own a smartphone, they are a key population for detecting usage trends for the years to come. Major lesson from this study: teenagers are clearly “multi-platform”: – Facebook is no longer far ahead of its competitors (in 2015, they were 71% to say they were regular users of the social network; they are now only 51 % in 2018). – Several platforms now share the favors of the youngest: YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the…

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