TOP 10 books in communication

The team has concocted for you ITS selection of books in communication smarts and sioux at will, to read and reread without moderation. These are our inspirations 🙂 Do you also have a book to share? Tell us everything

#1 Roland Barthes mythologies

Every era has its mythologies and Roland Barthes dissects those of the 50s, from the DS to the striptease through the studios Harcourt. This book is curious, funny, fierce. Its goal is to dissect the symbols of an era. An exciting classic to put in all libraries!


#2 Communicator

We spent years by his side, and even nights! Always ready to lend a strong hand and constantly renewed, the Communicator do not leave us. It returns this summer for the 9th time and delivers the keys to responsible communication, in the digital age, with current case studies and expert points of view.

#3 Seth Godin's Purple Cow

Purple cow: transform your business by being remarkable for the original version. The promise of this book? Offer you a new perspective on marketing: every day, consumers are faced with a multitude of cows, which nothing can distinguish, but when they see a Purple Cow, they do not forget it! “Big bertha” marketing no longer exists. Today you have to be original to "make your brand / product / company remarkable".

#4 Small treatise on manipulation for the use of honest people by Robert-Vincent Joule and Jean-Léon Beauvois

Rest assured, you clearly won't become a seasoned manipulator after reading this great social psychology classic. You will simply be… warned 🙂 You will certainly recognize a few real-life scenes where you have been kindly manipulated by a salesperson, a colleague, a friend, an advertisement or worse your child. Now you will know how to trick.


#5 The approach socialkind by Delphine Lang

How to transform your brand into a (really) relational brand? Enter fully into social media: brands must no longer be present on social networks for themselves (be there because you have to be there, only talk about them, entrust the internship with the animation, etc.) at the risk of missing out on the real richness of the exchanges. Let's be creative even in a few signs ...


#6 Words Are Windows [Or They Are Walls] by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Stop! Let's get back to basics: communication can only be between two people. Good communication between oneself and others is one of the most valuable skills today. Here are some keys to defuse interpersonal conflicts and better understand the words / evils of the other.


#7 Brand Success - 50 Exceptional Marketing and Communications Achievements

Le volume 1 such as volume 2 decipher 50 remarkable case studies in communication and marketing, past and present. The We Are COM team met Marc Drillech, Publication Director. He revealed to us that his 51st case would have been: Karl Lagerfeld and his yellow vest for road safety. " When a fashion icon tells you "It's ugly but it can save lives", it's just brilliant ».


#8 A manager at the heart of Frédéric Fougerat's company

It is the collection of the best forums of Frederic Fougerat, true master Yoda of Dircom on Twitter (and not only). From free radio to social networks, he shares his experience with us here. You will find there his convictions, his optimism as well as his requirement for our other communicators. Copy.


#9 Advertising in the age of data by Jean Allary and Vincent Balusseau

Good news: we have found THE book for you to understand the data applied to the Communication professions without falling into the banalities. Even if we are not always directly involved, this reading allows us to stay in the know 😉


#10 Musical design and brand strategy by Michaël Boumendil

The identity of a brand is also sound. SNCF, BMW, McDonald's… In a few sounds, we recognize it. Magically unconscious, this subject fascinates the We Are COM team. And this book gives you the keys to build the musical design of your brand. Really, we took some notes!

Reader friends, to “your marks your page”! 🙂

And for the most voracious, 5 other books in rab ...
  • > Language and symbolic power of Pierre Bourdieu (Points)
  • > The order of speech by Michel Foucault (Gallimard)
  • > How brands grow: The truth about the growth of Byron brands> Sharp (translated by Eyrolles)
  • > Better Understanding China - 10 communication keys to understanding the Middle Kingdom by Mathilde Aubinaud and Philippe Branche (Softback)
  • > Digital marketing 2020: 200 fact sheets - 60 case studies - 20 EBG infographics (Softback)
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