The 5 major communication trends in 2019

Because no one is required to do the impossible, the We Are COM team will enlighten you on what is becoming (downright) possible and on what is (really) no longer possible in 2019. You will not find any activism here, nor corporatism ... only our 5 communication trends in 2019 taking the form of 5 DO et OF WHICH communicator thanks to the latest COM-ENT Grand Prizes !


✅ Your brand, you will hire. 65% of French consumers choose a brand for its positions on major social debates according to the study Edelman Earned Brand 2018. A brand becomes a [legal] person committed as E.Leclerc which is mobilized each year with " Clean up Nature! ". On the occasion of the 20 years of the operation, the brand appealed to city dwellers with a brilliant diversion of cultural objects (Babel agency).

  • ⛔ Your cause, you chose. Le sponsorship was the boss's toy. The corporate foundation was the golden cupboard of a former leader. The CSR was an addition to Dircom's business card. The brand must make its own a societal cause that carries meaning for the collective, and not for a few internal personalities.

✅ Your inspiration, you will find. The creators of new media, the generators of new audiences inspire us. Total make no mistake by taking us to discover the operation of a refining and petrochemical site thanks to a BD report (So ​​Bam agency). For a subject that is not very glamorous, the result is brilliant educational. As Accorhotels which (re) gives its letters of nobility to its second profession and to a whole part of its customer experience: catering. There too, a beautiful book (W & Cie agency) in a nod to the most beautiful Cookery or Cocktail books. Delicious !

  • ⛔ The neighbor's copy, you were zieutais. The day before communicators was too often self-centered and sectoral. We looked at each other. We were eyeing our competition. We were looking for inspiration from other advertisers in France or internationally. The inspiration of the communicator must come from his knowledge of his audiences.

✅ Your confidence, you will give. The success of Youtubers is due to their creative genius, their intelligence and the connivance they weave with their audiences. They know better than anyone what an editorial promise is. And the MAAF Understood this by giving carte blanche (via the agency The Persuaders) to Axel Lattuada and his acolytes from the Youtube channel " And nobody cares! ". Why ? Warn of the danger of alcohol and drugs while driving. The influencer has stayed true to himself: it's irreverent and (im) relevant.

  • ⛔ The muse, you bullied. Paying a Youtuber to interview employees in the company's premises with the brand's codes was to forget that he is not only a content producer: he is also an audience producer. The contract of conversation that binds him to his community cannot be betrayed. Speakers and man-sandwiches no longer exist.

✅ Your simplicity, you will shoot. The design draws a line. At the house of Keolis (Saguez agency) or Orano (Insign agency), the logo becomes simple and direct while being the symbol of an ongoing change. To support this intention, the charter becomes a call to creation. The connivance is in the illustrations, the attention to detail that reflects the attention paid to audiences. BNP Paribas Asset Management thus excels in an assertive graphic style (TBWA \ Corporate agency), swimming against the tide.

  • ⛔ Deja vu, you reproduced. Minimalism, solid areas of bright colors and stick typefaces had become boat. Our productions must result from real creative work, because their vocation is to challenge our audiences. Let's stop the graphic copy and paste and trust our hunches.

✅ Your emotion, you will prolong. The purpose of an event is not to end, it is to start something. Beyond its partnership with the Tour de France, Škoda proclaims " We Love Cycling »To cyclists via a complete relationship program: the creation of a community site and moments of sharing all year round on the roads of France (Hopscotch Event agency). For the motorway APRR (TBWA \ Corporate agency), the employee ambassadorate begins with a discovery event on social networks; then charge them to take the road to likes.

  • ⛔ Logistics, you liked. The organization of an event came down to a date, a place, people and small fours. Our events must multiply outside the walls, out of time. Let's get out of our comfort zone to imagine experiences to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter by our happy participants; become ambassadors.
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