The 5 major communication trends in 2019

Because no one is obligated to the impossible, the We Are COM team enlightens you on what is becoming (downright) possible and on what is (really) no longer possible in 2019. You will not find here any activism, nor corporatism… only our 5 communication trends in 2019 taking the form of 5 DOs and DON'Ts of communication thanks to the last COM-ENT Grand Prix! ✅ Your brand, you will hire. 65% of French consumers choose a brand for its positions on major social debates according to the Edelman Earned Brand 2018 study. A brand becomes a committed [legal] person like E. Leclerc who mobilizes each year Nature ! ". On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the operation, the brand challenged city dwellers with a brilliant diversion of cultural objects (Babel agency). ⛔ Your cause, you choose. Patronage was the patron's toy. The foundation…

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