Christmas: the best campaigns of 2018

The magical clichés with heady songs, the Christmas campaigns make us smile and scent our hearts. Our gift to us? A small anthology of the 2018 campaigns ... packed !?

Gifts quietly waiting under the illuminated tree, a cup of chocolate by the fireplace… The Christmas spirit is there! Between two TV movies, you will take back a small share of advertising, right? From magical photos to catchy songs, Christmas campaigns make us smile and fill our hearts. Our gift for you: a well-packaged anthology of 2018 campaigns!? The most quirky: “Uncle, I'm serious” from Paypal This kindly old-fashioned uncle who pinches your cheeks, this uncle who was a little clumsy and who we thought was unsurprisingly finally manages to restore his image thanks to Paypal. "Dare an original Christmas with Paypal", take the plunge and your gifts will finally live up to the expectations of your loved ones! This is the message from the guardian of online payments. A campaign designed by Buzzman and available on TV, cinema and digital device. The most…

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