Christmas: the best campaigns of 2018

The magical clichés with heady songs, the Christmas campaigns make us smile and scent our hearts. Our gift to us? A small anthology of the 2018 campaigns ... packed !?

Gifts waiting quietly under the illuminated tree, a cup of chocolate by the fireplace… The Christmas spirit is here! Between two TV films, you will take back a small part of advertising, right? From magical clichés to heady songs, Christmas campaigns make us smile and scent our hearts. Our gift for you: an anthology of the 2018 campaigns well packaged !?

The most offbeat: "Uncle, I assure serious" from Paypal 

This nicely nerdy uncle who pinches your cheeks, this a little awkward uncle that we thought without surprise finally manages to restore his image thanks to Paypal. " Dare to have an original Christmas with Paypal », Take the plunge and your gifts will finally meet the expectations of your loved ones! This is the message from the custodian of online payments. A campaign designed by buzzman and declined in TV, cinema and digital device.

The most family-friendly: “Live an unforgettable Christmas” with Bouygues Telecom

Still in the family register and with a hint of humor, this time it is about the father-son relationship in all its complicity. Thanks to the telephone operator, technology is indeed at the service of human links and brings generations closer together. A very good choice of song for Bouygues Telecom : « Come and get your love »By Redbone gives this ad a nostalgic dimension and a good mood (we never tire of the dance step either). A signed campaign BETC broadcast in early November to give the LA.   

The most heady: The "Marvelous Christmas" of Orange

Always on the phone a little: if we sing to you " It's the most wonderful time of the year », Do you recognize the advertiser? Not without irony, this signed advertisement Publicis Consulting and carried out by MEGAFORCE is certainly the one that plunges us the most into the holiday spirit: heady music with completely cliché catastrophic scenes. Christmas never turns out as we had imagined but with Orange, we find what is most wonderful in Christmas. An ad that really makes us smile and that we enjoy listening to and re-watching. Shall we sing it in the office tomorrow? 😉

The most moving: "The boy and the piano" by John Lewis

Every year, the brand John Lewis & Partners surprises us and touches us with its traditional Christmas campaign. This year, the distribution brand celebrates the career of Elton John and takes us on a journey to his earliest childhood, thanks to the song " your song ". The brand thus reveals the gift that changed his life. And yes… Some gifts are more than just gifts! #Nostalgia #HairsthatRighten

The cutest: "The Big Night" by Sainsbury's

Still across the Atlantic, the stores Sainsbury's give us a school show worthy of the Greatest Showman, signed by director Michael Gracey himself! By playing on the codes of childhood and with his signature " We give all we've got for the ones we love », The advertisement takes us into a colorful universe and seduces with its magical show. 

The most poetic: “Share your gifts” from Apple

A nice movie with a storytelling powerful produced by TBWAMore. The apple brand is pulling out all the stops at the end of the year to move us. Determined to push creatives around the world to come true, Apple features a young girl too reserved to publish her creations, until the moment when, carried by the wind, they touch all passers-by. To eat!
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