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Want to type lines with us? Take your keyboard and become a We Are COM contributor too. Go ahead, we'll catch up to you!

Why become a contributor?

Being a We Are COM contributor means being able to share your bright vision, your enriching experiences, your crushes or rants, your tops and your flops, your insights into Communication to more than 30.000 communicators each month (70% are advertisers) with the help of a stripping team. Enough to gain visibility, especially since the content of is widely followed on social networks affecting more than 50.000 communicators each month.
Small clarification: contributing is done on a voluntary basis since We Are COM is "only" (and so much) a collaborative site.

What are the rules?

Our only rule: 100% conviction, 0% self-promotion. For information, the articles are all original (so no copy and paste) and are subject to proofreading by the team. They include a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1200. And good news: you will not have to manage the back-office of the site. : )

Who are the other contributors?

Agathe, Eléonore, Maëva, Romain, Laura, Antoine, Anne-Sophie, Sabrina, Maxime, Judicaël, Caroline, Eric, Henri, Nicolas, Axelle, Bruno…We are all passionate Communication professionals. We want to promote, share, explain - as well as professionalize - our business: communication, with the starting point of our reflections on corporate communication and the brand. Our manifesto can be viewed here.

As soon as you publish your very first article, your trombine will come join oursAnd that is great!

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