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Do you want to exchange with other communication professionals? Are you looking for a Communication club where you can improve your skills and network? We reveal the list of the best addresses reserved for business communicators in Paris and in the provinces 🤓

The main clubs in Paris:


Created in 1989, the Association Française de Communication Interne (AFCI) brings together more than 850 members, communication professionals working in public and private organizations, consultants and academics. Among the member companies: AXA, BNP Paribas, Danone, Areva, Thales, Pierre Fabre Laboratories, Sodexo, RATP, etc. Network of professionals, pool of skills and experiences, space for reflection and discussion at the crossroads of developments in the communication of organizations, the Afci has three missions: professionalize, exchange, shine.

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ComElles Club

The ComElles Club brings together women from all fields of communication and marketing. It is the only one to welcome advertisers, media and communication consultants. The purpose of the Club is to: build a network; the cross-sharing of experiences between advertisers, media and consultants; knowledge enrichment; the broadening of horizons, of the capacity to think "out of the box"; career management for women; and solidarity with women seeking employment and support for young people on their entry into professional life.

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Advertisers Club

A true “think tank” at the service of brand managers, the Club des Annonceurs connects, leads and supports this community in deciphering trends, reflecting on their issues and reinventing their profession of tomorrow. As a professional association for marketing communication and advertising in France, the Club des Annonceurs is determined to constantly reinvent the profession for the professionals themselves, for the sustainability of brands, for the industry.
The Club co-built with its members to make the intangible assets of companies more sustainable, generate value and meet the major challenges for general management.

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COM-ENT (ex Communication & Entreprises - Ujjef) leads and brings together all communication professionals, whether they come from companies, agencies, public bodies, freelance or even students With more than 1 members, COM-ENT is the largest organization in the communication professions. She takes part in expert reflections on major themes that impact our businesses and proposes actions based on the power of content to promote recognition of communication as a creator of value for the company. By organizing meetings, promoting exchanges and disseminating its content, COM-ENT increases the value of communicators.

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Companies & Media

Entreprises et Médias is the association of communication directors of large companies and organizations. A place for discussions and proposals, its action is dedicated to changes in the function, its challenges and its practices. The association promotes the profession and its actors, the strategic dimension of the communication mission in supporting changes in companies and their environment as well as in the creation of value. Entreprises et Médias offers moments of debate and openness around the sharing of experiences between peers, meetings with stakeholders (media, political actors, academics and associations, research institutes, etc.) on concrete subjects and forward-looking, national and international in scope.

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COM MEDIA Observatory

The COM MEDIA Observatory is a 1901 law association created in 2008, representative of the communication branch. Today, it brings together more than 250 members with an advertiser profile (general management, marketing, communication, purchasing) and service providers making up the communication value chain (agencies, media, digital players, printers, stationers, routers, logisticians, distributors , etc.).

The originality of the COM MEDIA Observatory is to be a place of meetings and exchanges which promotes the relationship and the indispensable synergies between prescribers and producers around the challenges of global communication, whether they are strategic, economic or technological. .

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Social Media Club

The Social Media Club France organizes the exchange of expertise between peers, all sectors combined, on the structuring themes of social media. He leads a network of professionals and organizes meetings between peers and experts - both “thinkers and doers” - confidential and friendly, dedicated to the practice and challenges of social media. These sessions in small groups (15 to 20 participants) are reserved for full members and jointly led by the administrators, members and invited speakers.

While the digital transformation of ecosystems is not complete, social media offers a reading grid on all digital subjects. Experts from the Social Media Club (SMC) provide a space for dispassionate and pragmatic debate. The mission of the SMC is to create the conditions for sharing experience, market knowledge, tools, trends and best practices, in order to resolve dysfunctions, obstacles to development and facilitate the maturation of social projects. media, by promoting collaboration and exchange between peers.

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SYNAP, the National Union of Press Attachés and Public Relations Advisors, is responsible for defending and promoting the professions - and those who exercise them - in Press Relations, Media Relations and Public Relations. He has represented them since 1960 with official bodies and the main players in the sector.
Present throughout France thanks to its regional delegations, SYNAP brings together experienced professionals who work independently, in agencies, in institutions or in companies. He leads a permanent reflection on the practices and the evolution of the trades for which he acts. It can act, for example, as advice to business leaders for recruitment, support its members in their professional efforts, inform students as part of their orientation, set up partnerships with sectors and schools offering training. in communication, etc.

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Union of brands

In a context of rapid and complex transformation for companies, at a time when brands have become real levers of growth, it is essential to mobilize collective intelligence by relying on an expert and recognized player to move lines and help build trust with their audiences.
By capturing new trends and sharing them with its members, by offering them the services that are useful to them, by creating structuring benchmarks, the Union des Marques (formerly the Union of Advertisers - UDA) allows its community to take the right decisions to gain in efficiency and increase their performance.

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We Are COM

Born from the desire to unite communicators to support the transformation of our profession and promote its added value in companies, We Are COM is the accelerator for communicators! Propelled in 2016, the media was launched by a collective of young COM professionals, all passionate. The site is now an essential reference in the communication sector in France. In 2019, the team launched the Club We Are COM based on the development of skills between peers and dedicated to all communicators. The common objective: progress among peers and share best practices in the communication professions. Finally since 2020, We Are COM is a training organization. In February 2022, the We Are COM club had 1.685 members.

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The main clubs in the region:

Bordeaux - APACOM

The APACOM, Association of Aquitaine Professionals of COMmunication, shines in New Aquitaine. The association has nearly 600 members who represent all the trades and skills of the communication sector. 50% of members are part of communication services in an organization (company, institution, association, etc.).

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Lille - The Place of Communication

Place de la Communication is the leading network of communication, marketing and digital professionals in the Hauts-de-France region. It brings together more than 1 members present in large companies, SMEs, institutions, local authorities, agencies, schools, independent consultants and job seekers (with a minimum of 450 years of professional experience in communication).
Its vocation is to be for communicators a place of exchange on trades and professional practices, sharing of experiences and know-how, updating of knowledge, meetings to weave and develop a relational network, even to create regional partnerships.

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Lyon - The Com Club

The COM 'A Lyon club is a place of exchange and sharing of experiences. It brings together more than 130 communicators at the service of companies, grandes écoles, administrations, institutions and associations in the Lyon region. Association created in 1994, the Communication Club in Lyon aims to: explain, represent and promote the communication professions and monitor their development and anticipate changes. In this sense, the Club organizes convivial meetings and enriching conferences in order to always promote sharing and exchange with its members but also with decision-makers in the metropolis of Lyon. The pooling of practical tools and reflection on topical issues are also offered. Club members also endeavor to ensure the transmission of knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise.

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Marseille - Le Club Provence Communication

The Provence Communication Club is a member of the City of Media and Communication. Its vocation is to be a real agora of information and communication. Through a partnership with the Cité des Métiers, it provides information on communication professions.

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Montpellier - The Occitanie Press Club

A major player in Occitania since 1984, the Press Club is a non-profit association that has legitimately become the regional representative of the professional branch of the press and communication professions. Today, it is an important network of more than 1300 journalists and communicators from Occitanie, as well as many regional entrepreneurs and influencers.

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Nice - Azur Pro Com '

The Azur Pro Com 'association brings together communication professionals from the Côte d'Azur. These occupy different but often complementary functions: Director of Communication, Public Relations and Press Relations, Communication Consulting, etc. Men and women of studies and strategies, they are also people in the field. Azur Pro Com 'members work in all areas and can be very specialized: event communication, financial, tourism, commercial, artistic, lobbying, company publications, human resources ... Whether they are independent consultants offering a full service or sectoral, or whether they are integrated into organizations or companies, the members of Azur Pro Com 'are representative of the major institutional, economic, cultural and social sectors of the Côte d'Azur.

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Nîmes - The Press & Communication Club of Gard

The Gard Press and Communication Club aims to bring together all the information and communication players in the department and to position itself as a facilitator. It establishes a platform for exchanges and meetings for journalists, communicators and all of their partners and speakers. The Gard Press and Communication Club is a member of UCP2F (Union of Press Clubs of France and Francophones).

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Rennes - The Brittany Communication Club

AFREP de Bretagne was created in 1977. It became Club Bretagne Communication (CBC 35) in 1992 and brought together communication professionals from the 4 Breton departments. As time goes by, each department wishes to create its own association ... The CBC 35 as it exists today was founded in 2001. The club is an association whose objectives are: to bring together communication professionals from the department of Ille and Vilaine; welcome third-party practitioners or those particularly interested in communication; promote communication and its professions; inform, train and promote exchange between its members; develop and maintain a space of conviviality, fraternity, courtesy and solidarity between members.

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Rouen - The Normandy COM Press Club

The Normandy Press and Communication Club is an association created in 2004 to facilitate exchanges between media and communication professionals. A true home for Norman journalists and communicators, the association runs a rich network of more than 500 members. A place of meeting, debate and solidarity, the Club meets 6 objectives: informing about the evolution of our professions, organizing meetings between journalists and communicators, helping each member to develop his contact network, offering a catalog of continuing education , act for the employment of professionals, and promote the journalism and communication professions.

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Toulouse - The Com Club

Created in 1981, the Club de la Com is the 1st regional association of communication and marketing professionals. It has 410 members, 33% of whom are business communicators. Its missions are: to observe to inform well, to explore to innovate, to understand to evolve, to celebrate to find oneself.

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