“Financial communication must be an equity story”

What is financial communication in the age of immediacy, identity theft and fake news? How did the demand for transparency, the weight of morality and the moods of public opinion take precedence over the figures? After having written the statement of the problem, we went to collect the solutions of an expert: Anne-Sophie Gentil, great pro of the communication in company and President of Kaïros consulting. Hello Anne-Sophie! To begin with, where does financial communication come from? It dates back to the 1250th century in Sweden. A copper mine in Falun was reportedly the very first unlisted company to seek investors. In France, the first joint-stock company was created in XNUMX in Toulouse. But it was especially in the United States at the beginning of the XNUMXth century that financial communication took off, parallel to the development of the American economy and in particular of industry which required significant financing. And…

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