Employer attractiveness: table football is no longer enough!

Today, who says company attractiveness, says employer attractiveness! How to attract AND retain talent? How to make candidates want to join the company? This is THE subject of all companies. Why will a candidate be “attracted”? Rynes (1990) defines attraction as the power to attract potential candidates. The power to make them feel like the organization is a positive place to work. Other authors (Cable, Judge 1996) have shown that applicants are often attracted to companies that have values ​​that are identical or close to theirs. More pragmatically, a company is attractive when it spontaneously attracts new profiles. When the workforce is proud to work for her. A minimum turnover, an open and available hierarchy, the possibility of in-house training... Several factors therefore come into play: its employer brand and its HR policy, its financial policy and its values....

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