Employer attractiveness: table football is no longer enough!

Today, who says attractiveness of the company, says attractiveness of employer! How to attract AND retain talent? How to make candidates want to join the company? It is THE subject of all companies.

Why will a candidate be “attracted”?

Rynes (1990) defines attraction as the power to attract potential candidates. The power to make them feel the organization is a positive place to work. Other authors (Cable, Judge 1996) have shown that candidates are often attracted to companies which have the same values ​​or are close to theirs.

More pragmatically, a company is attractive when it spontaneously attracts new profiles. When the workforce is proud to work for her. A minimum turnover, an open and available hierarchy, the possibility of in-house training… Several factors therefore come into play: its employer brand and its HR policy, its financial policy and its values.

Let's go back to the term " employer brand » a more interesting subject in communication, on which we have a direct influence!

The employer brand, quésaco? It brings together the actions implemented by the company to promote its identity to candidates. But be careful, talking about a brand means that the candidate becomes a client: an HR client.

The employer brand is a wonderful cross between human resources, communication and marketing.

Reputation + Image = Employer Brand

The image of a brand is quickly forged. So there are companies that are completely mystified. like Google, Apple, or even IBM in its day. However, this image is not necessarily related to HR policy and quality of life at work. Indeed, it can be biased, not in accordance with the expectations and the imagination of the new employee. The arrival of Social networks nevertheless allowed to counterbalance this mystification but this is another subject ...

In addition, candidates are often attracted to a company that has the same values ​​as theirs. This means that the definition of “his” employer brand must reflect the values ​​of the talents sought by the company. Because every company has an employer brand: more or less visible, more or less known, more or less strong. Each company has its image, its reputation. But, due to the singularity, each employer branding strategy is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

During the recruitment process, the candidate naturally projects himself into the company, imagines his mission… And what the candidate will feel will directly influence him in the entire recruitment process. Reputation, including the employer brand, is therefore a crucial element in the attractiveness of the company. It is a real lever of attractiveness !

The employer brand as a key lever for the attractiveness of the company

The employer brand is gaining momentum in a context where competition for talent acquisition is fierce.

Several factors are taken into account: the reputation of the company, its values, its organization, its communication… with an internal and external public.

But work out his employer brand is not just about defining values ​​and a working environment. It also involves very concrete and operational actions, defined by HR and by the managers involved.

Today, the employer brand does not have the sole ambition of recruiting the best talents available on the market. Corn it also aims to retain the most efficient employees by promoting belonging to the company.

Designing and developing an employer brand is not easy. Because the brand image passes through several communication channels, and no longer just through traditional word of mouth. It is played especially online. Several surveys * show thata candidate is ready to accept salary lower, if the company has very good internet ratings; if it benefits from good and recent press coverage.

The employer brand is not a pretty empty shell!

When appearance is only a reflection of reality

To be effective, it must not be meaningless! Table football, massage and nap room are not enough if there are not the basics (salary, benefits, mutual, etc.). It is therefore essential that all the elements valued by the employer brand are really put in place.

And it is not because a company is known, appreciated, that it necessarily has a good employer brand image. This is particularly the case of large distribution companies (mass layoffs, difficult working conditions, etc.).

The employer brand is the mark of HR management.

Communication around this employer brand concept is a way to go seek commitment from employees. Now, applicants are looking for a company where they can do their job and do something useful. They want to feel important. This quest for meaning leads to seeking reciprocity in the relationship with the company.. Building an employer brand is therefore part of a logic of cooperation in order to avoid empty shells.

Today, the employer brand is an essential weapon to hope to win the war of talents. It is a marketing weapon thanks to which the candidate (HR client) will live an employee experience.

The logical continuation of the development of this employer brand is of course loyalty! The effectiveness of such an approach is automatically multiplied if the new employees AND the old ones are “happy” in their company and continue to project themselves there.

* Example of a survey: the Great Place To Work study which studies on the one hand the managerial practices of the company and the feelings of the employees by means of a complete questionnaire which takes into account credibility, respect, fairness, pride and the friendliness of the company. Fanny Oyarsabal

Fanny Oyarsabal
Marketing Communication Manager at Groupe SII - Guest of the We Are COM team

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