Inbound marketing in 10 good practices

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Le Club We Are COM was received by Crédit Agricole's Customer Communication team to share their good inbound marketing practices with us with Globetrotter, an affinity brand already adopted by 50.000 young people in eighteen months. On the program: a start on Insta, a crowdsourcing, a content strategy and a dose of auto marketing. 

Inbound marketing, quésaco?

Mounia Lazrak, data analyst at Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France, reminds us thatinbound marketing is a relatively new approach that applies to all areas of communication (commercial communication, employer branding, etc.). Conceptualized in the United States in 2006 by Briаn Hаlligаn аnd Dhаrmеsh Shаh, co-founders of a famous marketing automation software, it is a method aimed at attracting Internet users by thе biаis of contеnus аnd аnd useful еtеn аctions. The objective here is to generate visits to a site and qualified contacts (called " leads "). In short, the idea is that your target spontaneously addresses you. The dream isn't it?

The levers ofinbound marketing are:

  • > A website with relevant content, landing pages (landing pages) and above all a great natural reference (SEO)
  • > A strategy of influence on social networks (community management, partnership with influencers, even retargeting thanks to social ads - posts sponsored for example on Instagram)
  • > A software marketing automation allowing the distribution of a sequence of automatic emails
  • > Audience and performance monitoring (notably via Google Analytics or AT Internet)

A deviceinbound marketingg is a two-way communication, profitable in the long term. If it's inexpensive on the budget, it is on time. Thanks to SEO and social networks, your (future) customers find your site then register for a relationship program (example: interior design advice by email) and finally subscribe to your product (a reduction coupon is in the last email).

Good to know : theinbound opposes theoutbound marketing, one-way communication (push mail to a prospect database, online advertising, etc.).

Our study case: Globe-Trotter by Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France

In February 2018, Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France launched Globetrotter, a banking offer dedicated to 18-29 year olds in Île-de-France. The challenge is to increase the number of new customers in this segment, thanks to a strategic repositioning. Globe-Trotter is a promise supported by an affinity universe for young Ile-de-France residents wishing to travel or study abroad without stress; and above all having the soul of a traveler (without necessarily traveling…).

Lucile Le Moullec, customer COM project manager, and Andréa Leite, community manager, presented us with the levers of their communication:

  • > Social media : the offer was revealed by an Instagramer during a participatory trip with his community to test all the functionalities in the field. Countryside " #TripChoices Has been awarded several times since it offered great freedom to the influencer and use a new feature of Instagram: the poll. The campaign generated few online subscriptions, but an import report in the 275 branches of the Crédit Agricole network in Île-de-France.
  • > Crowdsourcing : via its monitoring tool on social networks, the Communication team detected that the design of the “Globe-Trotter” card was an irritant for young customers. A creative challenge was launched on the Internet, via a specialized media, to collect design proposals and then have Internet users and Globe-Trotter customers vote. The two most popular designs (a visual From and a visual Black) were marketed and the two designers had a very nice… trip!
  • > Brand storytelling: What better way than to demonstrate the benefits of an offer for young people by young people? The brand has entrusted the production of content to students from AgroParisTech time for a roadtrip of eco-responsible initiatives in Asia. Every two weeks, a video report accompanied by a long descriptive text was boosted on social networks.
  • > Content creation : the Communication team has developed Globe-Trotter Place, a mobile site (under WordPress) to bring together the many content already produced, add extra-bank good deals and develop the online community. 5 verticals have been defined according to the persona: moving, preparing for a trip, studying, finding accommodation and working here or there. Each vertical has a forum, editorial coaching allowed with the marketing automation, an extra-banking solution and bancassurance offers. 

TOP 10 best practices identified by clubbers

  1. Listening to our customers, give them a voice at every step
  2. Develop a relationship of trust with an influencer (although trust does not exclude control)
  3. Have the right balance between entertaining and product-related posts
  4. Feeding the business with a two-part system : 1- notoriety then 2- retargeting of affected Internet users
  5. Always remain vigilant about data hosting of our prospects and customers (European Union with GDPR vs United States without personal data protection)
  6. Create affinity content useful to the target in connection with its uses, codes and values
  7. Work directly with an editor marketing automation solution rather than with an intermediary
  8. Lock copyright as part of a crowdsourcing operation
  9. Open dedicated social accounts, such as a Facebook group rather than a Facebook page
  10. Register for the long term, and not in a one-shot.

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