Profession YouTuber? No, creator!

YouTube continues to grow and brands are multiplying partnerships with video creators! They are not mistaken since YouTube has become the 2nd search engine behind Google and every day 1,5 billion users spend an average of 1 hour there. The origin of the success? Make-up, lifestyle, food, gaming, entertainment, travel videos… produced by the users themselves. The We Are COM Club met HugoPosay and Charles alias FastGoodCuisine, 2 great YouTubers with 8 million subscribers, for an unfiltered dialogue – because without an agent or agency: their life course, their view of their job, their relationship with their community, their remuneration, and finally their relationship to us the communicators. What if the We Are COM Club gave you the recipe for these successful videos that generate so many millions of views on YouTube? slides in french slides in english YouTube:…

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