Christmas: the best campaigns of 2019

Oh, oh oh, Christmas is taking hold of us! The Christmas tree flashes, the smell of mulled wine comes to town, the windows enchant us with gift ideas… And the Anglo-Saxon brands reveal their ephemeral Christmas spots. Why ? To remind us of their history and create a real brand preference, rather than just wanting to slide their products under our tree. So our gift for you: an anthology of the 2019 campaigns! What to get excited about?

With John Lewis & Partners, winter is coming - United Kingdom

This year again with the approach of Christmas, the traditional advertising spot of the chain of stores J, in partnership with Waitrose (brand of the same Group), was eagerly awaited. The brand this time decided to give a nod to the Game of Thrones series - phenomenon of the year - by staging " Excitable Edgar »A clumsy little dragon, who cannot contain his excitement in the face of the magic of Christmas. Enjoy!

The advertisement was carried out by the London communication agency adam & eveDDB. But what does Daenerys think?

For FedEx, creativity is cardboard! - United States

The container is sometimes more important than the content: a box is just packaging for those who are not creative! For the little ones, it is an inexhaustible source of imagination ...

This advertisement created by FedEx in partnership with the advertising agency Bbdo reminds us of a famous quote from Victor Hugo: " the form is the substance that rises to the surface ».

McDonald's Japan surprises us with its advertising in ... animated film mode! - Japan

This time, we move away from Europe and the United States and go to Japan. On the occasion of the holidays and to promote his sandwich " Gurakoro » McDonald has paid for the voices of celebrities from Japanese animation and offers us a Christmas commercial in manga version. Astonishing, isn't it?

The brand, which is known for its creative advertisements, once again does not disappoint us!

Sainsbury's: the story of Nicholas - United Kingdom

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, the brand Sainsbury's - with the agency Wieden+Kennedy - offers us a short film which immerses us in the London of Charles Dickens and which traces the history of 'Nicholas the Sweep ', a young orphan chimney sweep suffering the injustice of his foreman.

The brand deviates a little from its brand and thus achieves an original, colorful and sparkling advertisement. Enough to brighten up our snowy evenings (or not)!

XFinity and its Extra Christmas - United States

Who would have believed it… XFinity made a precious reunion possible: 37 years after the film's release, Eliott and ET the nice extraterrestrial reunite for the Christmas holidays!

In addition to bringing back fond memories of childhood, this short film reminds us how important and indispensable family moments are. A big blow for the brand!

Tesco takes us back in time! - UK

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary and with the approach of the end of year celebrations, Tesco is inspired by the film " Back to the future »And takes us back in time. The distribution brand wishes to highlight that over the years, it has always been the partner of a successful Christmas!

Along with the launch of this ad, a Tesco delivery truck appeared on the roof of a house in Knutsford, a small town in the North West of England, to create social media activation. Original and creative, everything we love!

Orange vs Bouygues, who wins? - France

This year again, Orange et Bouygues Telecom have engaged in a beautiful Christmas advertising contest.

In his video produced in collaboration with BETC (Havas group), Bouygues Telecom is trying to soften us up with its advertising featuring a dad who pretends to be Santa Claus to his daughter. A moving video skillfully highlighting his telephone offer:

Orange, which called on the agency Publicis Consulting, plays the card of returning to childhood by bringing together a group of children who try to achieve the unrealizable: capture Santa Claus! Thus, the brand ingeniously puts forward its offer of " connected home ":

We already have our favorite advertising spot! And you, which brand was able to capsize your heart?

Quentin Grandgeorge, corporate communications manager at Sodexo, guest of the We Are COM team

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