“Parisian communicators, let's stay humble! "

In Toulouse during the South-West COM trophies - of which We Are COM is a partner -, the team spoke with Marie-Laure Dubuisson, international marketing & communication director of Longchamp. Coming from Paris, she was a member of the Trophies jury. For the first time, we took the time to decipher good communication practices in the regions; or rather to really speak of local communication. Besides, shouldn't communication always cultivate proximity ???

Hello Marie-Laure, then these Trophies of the South West COM what do you think?

It's a real discovery! The COM Sud-Ouest Trophies have nothing to envy to the Parisian awards ceremony; quite the contrary. The files are of a high standard and the organization is fine-tuned to the millimeter. All the communicators here are very professional, very warm and caring. In preparation for this day, as a jury, we consulted the 125 files and pre-selected 4 files per category. It is this pre-selection that was the subject of our deliberations. Our discussions were very open. We were often unanimous, even for the crush of the jury. Finally, the Trophies ceremony impressed me: a real show and an audience of professionals from all over the region!

What are your great surprises among the winning COM devices?

I notice a desire to create communication devices that are really out of the ordinary and very original: humor is back as evidenced by the futuristic campaign of Bordeaux Metropolis 2050. Communicators show themselves uninhibited by daring to tell us " We are recyclable to raise awareness of organ donations within the La Rochelle-Ré hospital group. As soon as the emotion is there, the attention is captured and it's won!

Honestly, I admit my surprise and admiration to see communication agencies established locally and of "small sizes" manage to produce innovative and excellent quality projects for large institutions.

Finally, it is very interesting to note the echo that communication can have at a local level: when the Decathlon Villenave d'Ornon wants to communicate about his move a few hundred meters away, we feel that behind the local communication plan there is a real human adventure. I discovered the richness of the "local / regional" spring in communication.

And what are your favorites?

The most unexpected is a Happening in a shopping center in Bayonne: sending the first traditional Basque cake to space. I found in this “phygital” operation a lot of daring and a great mobilization around a regional symbol. The cake has reached an altitude of 39.000 meters and the press coverage has also reached new heights!

On the digital side, my discovery was the site petitsmo.fr offered by the public establishment of the Musée d'Orsay and the Musée de l'Orangerie for young audiences aged 6 to 14. The challenge is to offer an immersive experience to the child who, a priori, is bored during a cultural visit. Concretely, the museum offers podcasts entitled " Imaginary walks ". This sound environment contributes to the discovery of paintings by going well beyond a simple audioguide.

In both cases, I notice audacity to think outside the box and perfect execution of the “big idea” to capture the attention of an unfamiliar audience.

What communication trends do you see emerging?

In my opinion, the common thread is human and positive emotions that beautiful unexpected encounters can produce: the handover between future retirees and new arrivals at Safran Helicopter Engines, the grannies football performances supported by Les Senioriales - a subsidiary of the Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs group - during the 2019 Women's Football World Cup or the creation of a design furnishing exhibition based on the recycling of aircraft parts Airbus. Communication here fully plays its role of mediation, not without humor and always with responsibility.

What good practices spotted here in Toulouse will you try to apply with your teams there in Paris?

Sometimes we may be tempted to say, " I don't have the means, I don't have the time or I don't have the budget ". Whilea communication campaign can start modestly without having to be immediately grandiose. I thus learned a lesson: the minimum viable product can also be applied to communication. It's the strategy of small steps. It is easier to start a modest project than of employees than to do in a few weeks the big bang of its employer brand and internal communication. And finally, Parisian communicators, let's stay humble because what's happening in the region is amazing !!!!

And to conclude, between the Region and Paris, who wins your heart?

I am of Bordeaux origin so I love brioche galette and chocolatines. In general, I am very South-West for wine and for culinary specialties. But I admit that I am always amazed when I walk in Montmartre, when I see the Eiffel Tower or when I visit the Louvre Museum…. So between Paris and the South-West, yes my heart swings.

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