How does a brand become desirable?

And yes, we took a lesson in luxury with Marie-Laure Dubuisson, international marketing & communication director of Longchamp since 2016. She has orchestrated the deployment of the luxury leather goods brand to the entire Fashion universe. She previously worked with Jimmy Choo, Make Up for Ever (LVMH), Parfums Dior and Mercedes-Benz. Luxury, she knows. We don't. Finally, now a little ...

Hello Marie-Laure! Can you share with us the major communication challenges in the luxury sector?

Yes, even if luxury is a completely irrational sector! The goal is to make our audiences dream. And one of the major levers of luxury brands - often French - which have this aura, and this power of fascination, is their cinability to renew oneself to create emotion. But there is no recipe: sometimes it works and other times it doesn't! We must perpetually research what will really affect our targets. The foundation of all luxury brands is obviously excellence : know-how, perfection, craftsmanship, confidence, authenticity, etc. If you don't have these standards, you can't claim to be a luxury brand. And to win the heart of the consumer, it is necessary to add a share of emotion to this base. 

A brand is just emotion. We can't touch it, we can't feel it.
It's in our head !

Martin Lindstrom, Danish neuro-marketing specialist

+ inspiring quotes this way

However, luxury is also evolving: there are pairs of sneakers at $ 500. It is a form of luxury, especially when the product is scarce: limited editions, personalized product or private apartment as a shop with access by appointment and co-option. Rarity gives value to the product. Proof of this is the emergence of a new secondary market for luxury products where certain items are sometimes more expensive than when they were initially marketed in stores and at home. Supreme. In the future, luxury will be both exclusive with the rarity of limited editions and also will have to be inclusive.. After all a carpet IKEA signed Virgil Abloh is an affordable luxury at 150 euros, you just have to be part of the community, know where the sale is made and be patient, but anything is possible now.

Latest major trend, the second-hand market which is also part of a more ecological approach, which is at the heart of the concerns of new generations of consumers. Actors like Vestiaire Collective ou The realreal in the United States are expanding rapidly.

What are Longchamp's major challenges in terms of communication?

The challenge for Longchamp is to continue to work on the desirability of the brand. This involves inspiring collaborations and above all the maximum exploitation of events such as the parade during New York Fashion Week which allow us to express all the creativity of the brand. These events constitute real content platforms that help us to animate our social networks in particular.

Is there always a line between Communication and Marketing?

Borders are shrinking considerably with digital. The best example is influence management. It is at the crossroads between buying space, social networks, public relations and content creation. All services are concerned and must work together as best they can.

And you, how do you stay in the game?

The main quality to stay in the game is to cultivate your curiosity, but that cannot be learned: you are curious or you are not. In communication, it is better to be. So visit the largest number of exhibitions to capture the spirit of the times. The trends of our professions emerge in the arts, architecture, design, music, decoration, etc. and in the street!

So don't just watch your competition, but keep asking yourself : why are these people lining up outside to dine in this new Italian restaurant in Paris? What is the new concept store for this sports equipment manufacturer on the 5rd avenue in New York? Your answers will allow you to answer this question which transcends all sectors of activity: how does a brand become desirable today? Take an interest in everyone and draw everywhere!

3 things to know about Marie-Laure:

  • > His mantra . " Alone, we advance quickly, together we advance far »And when the teams are mixed and diverse, we move forward quickly and far!
  • > His last show jumping : the organization of the first Longchamp show at New York Fashion Week in September 2018. An intense and key moment for Longchamp's communication.
  • > His favorite social network : Instagram (of course ^^). You can follow her here.
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