How to recruit in Communication?

On average, more than 200 applications are received for a position of communication officer (M/F). If there is no shortage of candidates, there are just as many job offers: more than 26.000 advertisements in Communication are posted on the site. Competition is fierce and sourcing difficult. So how do you make an offer visible to the best profiles? For you, the We Are COM Club has looked into these questions. Here are our answers 🤓 🇬🇧 Version française What is the state of the job market in Communication? The Communication sector is growing, driven by digital. In 2017, EY counted 155.000 jobs on the advertiser side and 115.000 on the agency side. Added to this are 430.000 indirect jobs (digital, production, printing, catering, digital, etc.); i.e. a total of 700.000 communications jobs in France. According to the Sup' school of COM, the TOP 3 communication disciplines are: commercial communication,…

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