The 5 big communication trends in 2020

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What kind of communicator will you be in 2020? The We Are COM team unveils its top trends for a year devoted to “generous communication”. If you check all 5 boxes, congratulations: you have every chance of being awarded “communicator of the year” by your peers. So in 2020… aim for the 20/20 😀 Come on, we'll share our cheat sheets with you to help you win all the best communication prizes in France: from the Grands Prix Strategies in Paris to the Trophies of the COM du Sud -Ouest in Bordeaux and the Deauville Green Awards.

Trend # 1 Me as a communicator, I will be a surprising narrator

I promise to be original from conception to distribution with perfect execution.

“Our animal species is what it is only because it tells itself,” said Michel Foucault. And you know what? The same is true for brands. When it grabs the right audience, uses the right channel, arms itself with the right codes… the story hits and we believe it!

Elior has understood this well by proposing a cyber security campaign out of the ordinary. Hacking Diner (Brainsonic agency) literally traps the employees of the catering group with a fake movie trailer for a release in France. The device is amazingly realistic. So much so that the foreign employees were wondering about the release date at home! The icing on the cake: the reveal of the Security Director himself.

In a more traditional style, history is written and displayed. This is the successful gamble of Pavillon France which, thanks to the pen of Philippe Claudel - with the new Erasure - and a metro poster (bigger than a whale!) Proclaims loud and clear its passion for fishing (Les gros mots agency). Personally, this designer gave it to me… (fishing, of course!)

And what about the video in all of this? BIC managed to convince us that the annual report is a creative opportunity. With “ #Donefor… (La Nouvelle / Aristophane agencies), we dive straight into the brand's graphic history. The result is as brilliant as glossy!

The bonus team 

We admire the redesign of Accor's identity (Brand Image agency), an absolutely top-of-the-range renaissance that relates a turning point in the Group's history, revealed in gold letters signed by the CEO and put on every employee's desk.

Trend # 2 Me as a communicator, I will be a discreet facilitator

I promise to promote the meeting… and make myself small, very small…

What if meeting remains the human factor of communication in 2020? A real keystone in the digital age, the collective is not just about saying things in public. It is inviting the other to deploy its value in the eyes of all, instead of monopolizing the speech for its own navel.

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs has won this bet by relying on the local embassy to promote each stage of its customer itinerary. A daring way of increasing its commitment through social proof in an ultra-competitive sector.

And when it's not the customers, the darlings are our collaborators! Whether it's Veolia with #WeAreResourcers (Havas Paris) or the FNTP with #Frankly Respect (TBWACorporate), the employer brand is firmly turned towards the outside world by valuing the internal talent. Simple and effective. So “we highlight” as they say at BIC!

In another vein, we were amazed by Ubisoft's Behind the Game exhibition on the Assasin's Creed game. It's pretty clever to stimulate its fan community through its experts!

But the unavoidable phenomenon in 2020 is of course the 2nd search engine in the world: YouTube. That's right… Renault, La Banque Postale, Lidl Cuisine and many others appear on YouTube, thanks to a new type of host: the YouTubers invited on the brands' channels. After all, meeting people is also about trust.

The bonus team 

We applaud the wealth and ambition of the Extraordinary Factory at the Grand Palais, a complete and well-oiled event to promote the careers of industry to young audiences (Hopscotch agency).

✅ Trend # 3 Me as a communicator, I will be a spokesperson for commitment

I promise to make my brand desirable through its societal footprint.

No more oldschool web page hidden in the “Our commitment” section. In 2020, societal actions are co-constructed with marketing to make an impact with real and concrete actions.

We remember Lacoste's Save Our Species, which played on the scarcity of polo shirts to raise awareness of endangered species. This year, Nature & Découvertes hijacked Black Friday to make it a Fair friday (Disko agency). The shrewd analogy between price reductions and species discounts generated 3 million leads and made it possible to finance 4 major biodiversity causes.

And when it comes to defending a profession, communication is all about embodying. Greta Thunberg has better watch out as the young Victor, only 20 years old, travels around France to have the art of butchery listed as a UNESCO World Intangible Heritage Site. Extraordinary results for a media budget of only… 2,734 €! (Glory Paris agency)

In 2020, the commitment is everywhere, even in the most unexpected sectors: with Dirtiest Porn Ever, Pornhub is raising awareness of ocean clean-up through a very personal production. Editor's note: we let you find the link 😉

The bonus team 

We laughed in front of the raclette chairlift in Val Thorens, which reminds with humor the safety instructions on the pistes, thanks to the active mobilization of the operational staff. A nice April Fools' Day!

✅ Trend # 4 Me as a communicator, I will be a creator of immersive experiences.

I promise to invent the relationship of the future through digital.

In the old days, we were looking to integrate digital everywhere. Today it is becoming a package; intelligent, human and user-friendly at the same time. Experiences are being upgraded and multiplied. Brands are freeing themselves from the mercantile diktat and giving memories, real ones.

To celebrate Asterix's 60th anniversary, the French Post Office invited its Internet users to a social banquet between Gauls (Dunk! Agency). A 100% live gaming event, instead of the traditional Follow + RT, which encouraged participants to tweet as many times as possible to stay at the table. The KING? A trending topic #HappyBirthdayAsterix gathering more than 13,000 tweets in one evening.

The experience is also an opportunity to enter a one-to-one relationship. With The French Touch by Martell (The Associate agency), you can transform your packaging into a virtual reality helmet. And there you go! We discover the production of Martell Cognac as the crow flies.

Immersion, do you want some! When Ariane Group prepares to launch a rocket, the public is invited to be part of History with a big H-tag (Sweet Punk agency). At 360, with rocket photobombs and augmented reality takeoffs.

The bonus team 

We clicked and clicked again when the RTE company called for Electric Travel. A 3D game-like reading to explain the group's strategic axes.

✅ Trend # 5 Me as a communicator, I will be an em-pa-thic interlocutor

I promise to speak truthfully, to you, audience.

We can't say it enough: our first source of inspiration is our audience. In an age of mistrust, true speaking is a vital function of the brand. In the closet, institutional verbosity, timid and demagogic speeches. Organizations that dare gain ground through their credibility.

A daring gamble for Planète Enfants & Développement. By targeting the stingy, racist and macho people, the association encourages donations by adopting a counter-foot: the wrong reason to give (Brainsonic agency). The campaign does not go unnoticed and refers to a dedicated website formally listing 1,000 good reasons to donate.

On the prevention side, we liked the #StopTrainSurfing campaign (We Are Social agency) to warn about the danger of the high-risk practice of clinging to moving trains. While Elior managed to trick his employees, RATP, for its part, fooled the young socionauts who are train-surfing enthusiasts. The Instagram stories of Johan, a Freerunner influencer, have sent out a very clear message about the dangers of this practice. The almost confidential campaign reached its entire target audience on social networks! In two words: completely targeted.

The bonus team 

We enjoyed looking at this poster, which L’Equipe used to call on associations of ideas to establish its new baseline “All united by sport” (DDB Paris).

Bottom line?

If you want to be the good student, the one who will get the jury's congratulations at the end of the year, our best advice on 2020 trends is to check all the boxes… and not to check any of them !!!

Get out of the frame! The best campaigns are those that assume a creative, editorial approach, that addresses their audience accurately and boldly, using their channels in a perfect execution of the “big idea”. Communications is a package, and you are encouraged to invent and reinvent your own. Period, that's all 🙂

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